Steal: Antik Batik Uta Bangle Set $65

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Antik Batik Uta Bangle Set
A versatile piece of jewelry that stands out, but doesn't seem obviously tied to a certain season or fashion genre, is generally a good deal. 9 of said pieces of jewelry in one tidy, coordinating package that also happens to be super affordable? That's a real steal.

While browsing the new arrivals section at online super boutique ShopBop I ran across this Antik Batik Uta Bangle Set. This set features 9 brass bangles, with bone inlay at 6 of bangles. They look great all piled together, but could also be worn individually or in smaller combinations to create several different looks ranging from minimalist to boho-chic. The best part? The price. You get all 9 pieces for just $65.

→ Buy the Antik Batik Uta Bangle Set, $65.00, at; shipping and returns are free.