Review: Unii Cosmetics Makeup Palette

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

--By Pearl C.

Hi SJ readers! Have you ever brought your makeup on a trip only to open your bag and see your beloved eye shadows in crumbles? It’s the worst feeling ever when you know you’ve invested a ton of money in colors that you love and it all ends up at the mercy of the TSA and baggage handlers.

I have tried a few different palettes to end the shadow carnage, and I’ve discovered THE solution!! Unii Cosmetics makes a beautiful set of sturdy makeup palettes to house your shadows, blush, etc. They seem to be made of a tough plastic with a tight rubberized lid that snaps shut and a nice sized mirror for application. You can also fit some travel sized brushes in the palette for touch ups.

The palette is magnetized to keep your shadows in place and it comes with a sheet of magnets that you can cut to fit the bottom of your shadow and write on the back to ID the color. Refills are great to use with this palette and Unii has a list of brands that work well. They also show you how to "de-pot" your favorite shadows out of their casings and add them to your collection. I spent a rainy NYC night de-potting and it is so convenient to have all my favorite colors at my fingertips without the bulk of the individual cases!

The best part is that you can take everything apart and thoroughly clean if any of your shadows happen to flake into the palette. Most palettes are made of tough cardboard- not so great for cleaning! They come in a range of shades from eggplant to twilight, but I am loving the snow white color and the new super sleek coal color. If you buy a few of them, you can color code your shadows to the color of the palette. Super organization!

Unii Cosmetics Makeup Palette

Here’s my palette in the Snow color, there’s some MAC refill colors, Make Up For Ever refills, a Lorac color, NARS duo shadow in Paris (top right, I freaking love those colors), a couple Cover Girl shadows, and that random rectangle one that I dig but no idea what it is.

Unii Cosmetics - Sample Makeup Palette

There are so many clever ways to use these palettes and they have a ton of pics on their site from users who have come up with creative ways to organize their makeup.

Unii Cosmetics - Makeup Palette Gallery

My only gripe about this super handy product is that the palettes are a bit small if you are a makeup hoarder like myself. I have heard that they’re working on a bigger palette so keep an eye out for the bigger size.

The fabulous folks at Unii Cosmetics are offering Stiletto Jungle readers a discount of 15% off for the next 3 days using the coupon code STILETTO -- stock up while you can on this beautiful and functional organizer!

→ Buy the Unii Cosmetics Makeup Palette, $25.00-$29.00, at

** Update 4/26/11: We've received word from Unii that the code isn't working quite right. We'll let you know when it's operational and how long the code will be extended to make up for the glitch. Stay tuned!

Update 4/27/11: Because of the tech glitch, Unii has promised to make the 15% off discount available without code all day on Thursday, April 28, and Friday, April 29. Enjoy! **

Pearl C.
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