FOUND: Kate Middleton's Ballet Flats & Skinny Jeans

Monday, May 09, 2011

Kate Middleton wearing Hudson skinny jeans, London Sole ballet flats
It was just over a week ago that we were all waiting by our television sets at a really ridiculous time of day (or was it night?) to see what the Royal Wedding had in store for us. It was destined to be a fairy tale wedding of epic proportions, and it didn't disappoint.

Then, of course, we all started wondering when our girl Kate Middleton -- now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge -- would surface again. Perhaps she'd be spotted honeymooning at a distant tropical locale wearing one of her new beach-perfect Warehouse dresses? Maybe at a fancy state dinner, tiara sitting atop her now royal head? Of course, that would be too expected for our new favorite real-world royal. The first post-wedding public "appearance" of Kate Middleton? At a Waitrose grocery store on the island of Anglesey in Wales, dressed in her casual finest, pushing a grocery cart. I love it.

Yes, as reported first in the UK's Daily Mail, Kate Middleton was spotted at Waitrose, where she did her own shopping and loaded her own bags into the trunk of her rather modest Audi A3. But for her ever-present security detail and famous sapphire engagement ring, the Duchess of Cambridge could have passed for any other young wife running errands. Kate's attire for this rather housewife-y duty? A pair of skinny faded black Hudson jeans and simple black London Sole ballet flats, hair tie poised for duty around her wrist. Skinny jeans and flats to go shopping... maybe she really is just like us.

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