FOUND: Kate Middleton's Nude Dress from her Obama Meeting

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kate Middleton meeting Michelle Obama wearing nude dress
I'm so glad Kate Middleton is back from her honeymoon and on the official duty circuit. After the big post-wedding Kate "ballet flats at the grocery store" sighting, I was getting all into the Kate Middleton fashion stalking game. Then she left. But, the Duchess of Cambridge is back on the scene, and back in the chic-yet-affordable style game.

Duchess Kate was just spotted meeting that other big name in the "fashion for the people" game -- Michelle Obama -- for the first time. For this historic meeting at Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton chose a stylish nude dress with subtle bandage styling. Much like Ms. Obama, Kate favors a nice mix of high end designers and affordable labels that can be purchased by us real world fashionistas. For this high profile photo op Kate didn't disappoint when it comes to delivering attainable fashion.

REISS Shola Camel Bandage Dress
Want to steal Kate Middleton's nude dress style for yourself? She's wearing the REISS Shola Camel Bandage Dress (shown right). This super affordable dress retails for a mere $340 -- insanely affordable by royalty standards. Beyond the low price, let me remind you that this is a dress that can be purchased straight from the online store right now. It's part of the regular REISS Autumn-Winter 2010 line, not some kind of special yet-to-be-released design.

Granted, the REISS site has already crashed once today and I'm sure this dress will quickly sell out (and just as quickly be re-issued), but as of this writing Kate's chic nude dress is still in stock and ready for purchase. As you may remember, Kate also wore REISS for her official engagement photo. So, if this nude dress is sold out, it's worth taking the time to check out the rest of the site... you never know which REISS dress Kate will be spotted wearing next!

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