How To: Protect Your Hair Color in Summer

Thursday, May 19, 2011

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The summer months mean a lot of fabulous things: better weather, long days by the pool, sun-drenched vacations, weekend festivals and more. But, all of this fun can be a disaster for color treated hair. Summer has a dark side when it comes to caring for colored hair: UV rays, chlorine and salty ocean water can work together to ruin a winter's worth of salon dedication. The key to protecting your hair color in summer? Think ahead and follow these simple tips:
  1. Use a very gentle shampoo and wash less often, with cool water. Look for shampoo formulas that are sulfate free and specially made for color treated hair. Skip a day in between washes to cut down on how often your hair is exposed to cleansing agents, and use cool water to keep the cuticle closed up and protected during the cleansing process.

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  3. If you are going to be out in the sun, wear a hat. Use the moment as a chance show off your style while you protect your hair -- a big floppy hat looks old-school chic; a straw fedora vibes funky downtown. If a hat is out of the question, look for hair treatments with SPF for an extra dose of protection while you are enjoying the summer sun.

  4. Switch to an ultra rich conditioner formulated for color treated hair. The extra moisture will help your locks fight back against drying sun, heat and hard water, which will help protect your hair color in the process.

  5. If you are going swimming (or wading), wet your hair with clean, fresh water until soaking first. Already wet hair will absorb less chlorine, salty sea water, and other impurities. Or, better yet, slip on a retro swimming cap for total protection.
See, it really isn't that hard to protect your hair color during the summer months. Just think ahead: stock up on extra gentle shampoos and rich conditioners that are made for color treated hair, and take steps to take care of your hair while you are enjoying the summer sun and surf.

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