New & Hot: Silhouette Rimless Crystal Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Monday, May 02, 2011

Helena Christensen - Silhouette Eyewear
Looking for a new way to show off your gorgeous peepers while wearing eyeglasses? Yes, I said "show off", not hide. Don't think it's possible to showcase your eyes while using eyeglasses? You haven't seen Silhouette.

Silhouette is a premium eyewear label from Austria that specializes in very unique eyeglasses that are rimless, which makes them seem to float on your face. Having spent some time, coincidentally, with an eyeglass shop owner in Germany, I can attest to the European fascination with eyeglasses. Glasses are considered a big part of your overall fashion statement in Europe, so a great deal of thought is put into selecting the perfect frames (or several frames) that you'll wear. As you can imagine, European eyeglass makers have responded by creating some of the most amazing, forward-thinking eyeglasses in the world.

The new Silhouette Crystal collection debuts in the United States this week -- the first week of May. This new collection has the same rimless, eye-showcasing construction that Silhouette has become known for, but with a little extra beauty and detail that is perfect for the fashionista. This new Silhouette line is available in both optical eyeglasses (for your prescription needs) and sunglasses. Check out some of these stunning glasses in action:

The Crystal Collection for eyeglasses features four styles: Sparkling Icon, Light Attraction, Gem Stone and Limelight. The sunglasses collection features three styles: SUN Sparkling Icon, SUN Crystal Dreamwings/ Dreamwings Shield and SUN Limelight. Each has its own unique composition and style, but they are unified in their use of light-reflecting crystals to enhance the overall aesthetic. All Silhouette Crystal rimless eyewear is 80% crafted by hand in Austria using high quality materials like high tech titanium and SPX, and then detailed using crystals cut in Austria.

Silhouette also has some pretty impressive spokespeople in supermodels Helena Christensen and Nadja Auermann. Both women have been captured wearing Silhouette and, of course, they look stunning.

Helena Christensen and Nadja Auermann - Silhouette Eyewear

You can see the entire Silhouettes Crystal Collection online. You can also virtually try on Silhouette eyewear by uploading a photo of yourself. Want to get a first hand view of the new Silhouette Collection? You can search online to find a retailer near you.

→ Check out Silhouette Crystal Collection eyewear online.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Compensation for this post was provided by Silhouette via Glam Media.