Fashion Cents: How to Get Michelle Obama Arms

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

--By Kimberly Turner

You religiously read the Stiletto Jungle blog to get great shopping deals because you are "long on style but short on time." You already have your own sense of style and you NO longer follow those traditional wardrobe rules like no white after Labor Day or your purse has to match your shoes. So while you are putting that purple strapless top with those red jeans and sky high wedges, I just want to remind you of one fashion rule that NEVER goes out of style: FIT INTO YOUR CLOTHES!

Somehow, we have gotten away from making sure that our clothes look good on us. Those cotton/lycra tees sometimes end up showing off our muffin top versus showing off the stylish way we put an outfit together. And with summer heat and less clothing, there are lots of body parts hanging out (and I do mean that literally).

Now I'm not promoting being model skinny, I just think healthy and fit are key. Don't firm arms look better in something sleeveless than arms that wave to us? Of course they do. That's why we are all enamored with First Lady Michelle Obama's toned arms. So I turned to her personal trainer for exercises to get arms toned and backs sexy for the summer. It's not too late to start so check out this video for 7 exercises he says that you can even do at home. I promise you that backless dress will be even more flattering with a little toning. Make sense?

Kimberly Turner
Kimberly Turner, your personal style guru, is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Kimberly has an MBA from the University of Michigan and an Image Consulting Certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Kimberly lives in the Windy city of Chicago and is the host of