Grey Nail Polish: 3 Shades to Try Right Now

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Evidently, I'm a grey nail polish connoisseur. Who would have thought.

This past weekend, while at a wedding, I had one of those little side conversations that make you question your own sanity. A fellow guest complimented my grey nail color and mentioned that it reminded her of one of her personal favorites -- OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. I immediately launched into full-scale shopping blogger mode. Before I could event take a breath, I let her know that it was an apt comparison as my color of choice is often lumped together with her fave and the "greige" nail polish trendsetter Chanel Particuliere as the top ways to indulge the trend. I think I might have scared her. Sarah, if you ever read this, I am not, in fact, insane. Really.

Now back from the wedding weekend, and armed with my newly acknowledged knowledge of the grey nail polish market, I figured it was time to spill the info. Personally, I tend towards darker nail colors, but during the summer a grey polish is a nice way to lighten up the look without losing the edgy vibe. Itching to try grey polish for yourself, but unsure of which is right for you? Start with one of these top picks:

Essie Chinchilly is one of the most popular salon color requests in the country. It is a slightly lavender-tinged grey polish that reminds me a lot of the dark heather grey you'd find in a cashmere sweater. I've been wearing it quite a bit this summer.

Essie Chinchilly Nail Polish

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Chanel Particuliere is usually credited as the nail polish that started the grey-beige trend. It was featured in the Chanel Spring 2010 runway show and had people lining up to get it before it even hit the counters. It is a true putty-colored brown-grey, which looks great with a good faux tan.

Chanel Particuliere Nail Polish

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OPI You Don't Know Jacques is the darkest of the three grey polishes pictured here. It has a chocolaty grey color that looks just as good in fall as it does in summer.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques nail polish

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