Nike Training Club Week 5: It's Getting Easier

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nike Training Club - Make Yourself

Well friends, it's week 5 of my 6-week Nike Training Club Challenge. For those of you who may be new to the series, I was challenged to download the free Nike Training Club App -- available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch -- and give it a try, chronicling my experience right here for all of you to read. I've had my ups and downs over the past month or so, but it has gone quickly and I can't believe we're already on week 5!

Truthfully, it took me a while to decide what I wanted to write about this week. We've covered my slow start and a couple little revelations about my initial lack of shape and strange bouts of mid-day motivation. And I really wanted to save my big wrap up for next week. All I really have left is my routine. Wait... did I really say that? I have a routine? Score one for the Nike Training Club App.

Yes, after some serious struggles trying to find an "angle" for this week's post, I discovered that my story was sitting right under my nose. Thanks to 5 weeks with the Nike Training Club, I now have a routine. Is it a rock star style hardcore fitness routine? No. But it is a routine that works for me -- fits with my schedule and life, and makes me feel like I'm getting stronger.

Woman doing yoga by the ocean

Each night, sometime between starting work on job #2 and starting my slow-down-for-bed routine, I bust out my NTC App and fit in a couple exercises from my chosen plan: Get Toned. I don't need to pull out a DVD or any crazy equipment, and I don't need to set aside a full hour to get in some exercise. The encapsulated exercise routines are the perfect length to slip in to my already hectic day. And they work. No, I don't suddenly have a rock hard body. But, lunges that once made my legs feel like Jell-O, now merely make my legs feel a bit more tired that when they started. Hey, in my anti-exercise world, that's a victory.

So, have any of you had the chance to try out the NTC App yet? Let us know how it's working for you. Also, don't forget to enter the Nike Training Club Make Yourself Sweepstakes. You can win great prizes like an iPad2 complete with Nike Training Club App, and Nike gear like the Legend Pant, Victory Bra, and Free XT Motion Fit+!

The Nike Training Club App is a full-body functional training app designed for you to make yourself whatever you want to be. Whether you’re looking to get lean, toned, or strong, NTC takes every workout to the next level. Download it here.

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