Under $100: Taryn Rose Foxxy Flats

Monday, August 15, 2011

Taryn Rose Foxxy Flat
It's no secret that I'm prejudiced against any shoe label that markets itself as a "comfort" or "healthy" shoe. Really, that's normally code for "ugly orthopedic looking shoe I don't want to wear". But, that stereotype doesn't always hold up when it comes to Taryn Rose, a high-end shoe label created by an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer. Really, for a"comfort" shoe label, Taryn Rose is pretty stylish.

But, the elusive combination of comfort and style comes at a price. And that price is much higher than I'd normally be willing to pay for a healthy shoe -- generally between $200 and $500 a pair, depending on the style. So, you can see why this sale find is particularly tempting. It's a simple, yet good looking Taryn Rose flat for less than the price of a new pair of Steve Maddens.

The Taryn Rose Foxxy Flat -- available in Black, Plum and Red -- has a leather up with poron footbed. Yeah, I did a little research: poron is kind of like fancy shoe memory foam. The leather sole has rubber islands for extra anti-slipperiness. The Black pair is classic, but the Red and Plum pairs are the stand outs -- if you are going to go comfort, it might as well also add a little color to your closet while it's at it.

→ Buy the Taryn Rose Foxxy Flat, $39.95 (was $195), at 6pm.com.