Flattering, Motivating Workout Gear Ideas

Thursday, September 15, 2011

--By Kim Moshtaghi

A great workout is the best way to unwind from a long stressful day at work. Whether you choose to work out hard or light, having the right fun workout gear can be empowering. It feels good to look cute before hitting the gym, or using the outdoors as a gym, because it keeps one motivated. When I go for a hike or hit the gym I try to coordinate, or at least feel good in, what I wear to help me keep going. And when I have attained my goals, I can reward my hard work with cute work out clothes.

Recently, I have been looking for a tennis skirt in order to take some tennis lessons. I wanted simple, yet cute so I can even wear it walking along the beach. I found was I was looking for in an adorable plain black Lucy Propel Run Skirt. It works by not keeping in moisture, and the boy short lining will prevent me from giving away a free peep show. A helpful feature of the skirt is the tennis stash pocket that you can use as a key and credit card holder on your walk along the beach. Just enough space to avoid the lipstick but be able to hit a healthy lunch or dinner after a great stroll.

Lucy Propel Run Skirt

→ Buy the Lucy Propel Run Skirt, $44.00, at lucy.com.

I was gifted an awesome pair of bright sneakers and I want to credit them for my early morning gym sessions. Not that I don’t want a round applause for myself, but these fun loving sneakers get me amped for an early morning sweat sess. Mine are bright pink Nikes, but for a change I love the Nike Air Pegasus + 28 women’s running shoe. The shoe comes in 4 bright color combinations but my fave is the neon lime with purple. Stay alert and keep focused with the uber bold color combos.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 28 Women's Running Shoe

→ Buy the Nike Air Pegasus+ 28 Women's Running Shoe, $90.00, at nike.com.

If you tend to gear towards Pilates, yoga, or similar exercises I think you will love the Otomix soft mineral roll down yoga pant. The tight, yet comfy pants give your shape an extra sexy boost and give you a cute look while you’re doing something not so hot: pouring out sweat. This pant is great for a calmer, body-contouring exercise or as a cute pant to switch into after your work out and before you run errands in public. They are flattering and fashionable, how could you go wrong?

Otomix Yoga Mineral Wash Rhinestone Pant

→ Buy the Otomix Yoga Mineral Wash Rhinestone Pant, $69.00, at otomix.stores.yahoo.net.

Lastly, if you like to rock out in limited edition, different swanky style jackets then you can’t lose on the Ferrari Vintage Track Jacket by Puma. This hip jacket will get you looking hot like a Ferrari engine. Get out of the way, fast and sassy coming through!

Puma Ferrari Vintage Track Jacket

→ Buy the Puma Ferrari Vintage Track Jacket, $90.00, at puma.com.

Kim Moshtaghi
Kim Moshtaghi is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Born in Germany, Kim is currently based in sunny Del Mar, California, where she also serves as Stiletto Jungle's Director of Sales and Promotions. Kim has a communications degree, a third degree black belt, and a totally covetable Gucci handbag collection.