New & Hot: James Perse Fleece Cape Sweater

Monday, September 26, 2011

James Perse Oversize Fleece Cape Sweater
What: James Perse Oversized Fleece Cape Sweater

Why it's hot: Capes and ponchos (and all manner of combining the two) are super hot again for fall. I'm pretty excited as I've had a favorite knit wool poncho in storage since the last time these silhouettes were part of the fashion in crowd -- about 7 years ago. And, this time around, this trend has spawned lots of unique takes on the look using unexpected fabrics and detailing. This James Perse Cape Sweater is one of those unique takes.

This James Perse find is a belted cape sweater made from fleece -- yes, the same kind of fleece you'd expect to find in the sweatshirt department. Granted, James Perse only deals in the really nice kind of fleece --this time a luxe cotton/ linen/ wool blend -- but it's still cozy sweatshirt-like fabric. This particular sweater makes use of both the "right" side of the fleece and the underside of the fleece fabric to create a look that is refined and interesting, without losing the comfy feel. The slightly long self-belt also adds to the more upscale look. Overall, it's a unique take on the Fall cape/ poncho trend that happens to also be made from a fabric that is super comfortable.

What to wear it with: The natural fit is to pair this fleece cape with your favorite skinny jeans or other slim-fit pants for a weekend look that is both stylish and comfortable. But, thanks to the more luxurious fleece fabric used by the James Perse label, a creative pairing could also take this cape sweater to work. Try wearing this sweater on top of a slim blouse and with a pencil skirt or slim, cropped black pants to balance out the more voluminous cape silhouette. Worn open, this cape sweater will serve the same purpose as a cardigan -- a quick, easy top layer for more temperate climates.

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