Steal: Everly Jewel Pleated Skirt $45.00

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Everly Jewel Pleated Skirt
Adding a standout piece in a bright, jewel-toned color is a great way to update your wardrobe for Fall. This affordable skirt from Everly comes in two gorgeous colors -- forest green and magenta -- that are each Fall perfect.

This polyester skirt features a translucent shell with a partial lining that leaves a slim bit of the translucent showing along the bottom. The midi length is super popular this season, and also happens to be comfortable and flattering. The Everly Pleated Skirt in green is a little more subdued than its magenta cousin. It could go to work in a less conservative work environment -- just pair it with a fitted blazer. But, it's real calling seems to be brunch. I don't know why, but this skirt screams brunch to me. The magenta version is great for cocktails or a fun night out.

Both colors are available for just $45. Not a bad price for so much Fall style.

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