Top Online Cyber Monday Deals for 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fellow shoppers, I say it's time we just call it: Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday in every way. It's so much easier (and less dangerous) than trying to hit the stores on Friday, and the deals are better. Sure, you don't get all of the doorbuster deals, but the sitewide sales on Cyber Monday are so much more inclusive than those limited quantity doorbusters. Which brings me to my point... let's get our Cyber Monday shopping on.

There are a ton of deals to be had, but we thought we'd edit, edit, edit for you. Below are some of the top online Cyber Monday deals for 2011. What makes a deal list-worthy? High percent off or a really great deal, plus a selection that covers a lot of people on your gift list -- from men and women, to kids and teens, to your crazy aunt Mabel -- and a dose of reality-based gift giving (let's face it, not everyone on your gift list is getting something from Saks). There's a wide range of affordable gifts to be had here. Enjoy!

Clothing and Accessories

Beauty, Bath and Body

Did you score an especially good deal this year? Or did you find a crazy good Cyber Monday deal that we didn't list? Leave a comment so we can all take advantage of your great find... it's good shopping karma!