How To Find the Right Bra for You

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

--Guest Post By Gemma Sly

How to find the right bra for you - ill-fitting bra
Most Women Are Wearing The Wrong Bra
Did you know, around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Millions of women are left feeling uncomfortable, unsupported and certainly not looking their best. Women deserve better than that so here's a simply guide to set you on the path to the perfect bra (for you!).

The Secret? Getting Properly Fitted
When did you last get fitted for your bra? In fact, have you ever been properly fitted? Don't worry, you certainly wouldn't be in the minority. Most women are happy to go with what they've always gone with and crush, push and squeeze themselves into ill fitting lingerie despite the fact that they could be considerably more comfortable (and look a lot sexier!) with just a little guidance from a fitting expert.

Why Go For a Good Fit?
  • Most importantly - improved comfort
  • Avoid sagging breasts - look after them!
  • Better posture - the wrong bra can encourage posture that's bad for your back
  • Improved confidence – feel good inside, look better outside

Active Lifestyle? Take Part in Lots of Sports?
You certainly need a sports bra that reduces bounce. Not only is too much movement uncomfortable, it can lead to pain in your head, neck and shoulders; it can even lead to sagging! With the right bra, you don't have to feel uncomfortable and put undue stress on your upper body but focus instead in putting in a top performance.

Freya Lacey Cafe Latte Plunge Balcony Bra
Types of Bust
If you're choosing a new bra you have to think carefully and honestly about your size and shape to get the best fit for you. It's important that you choose the type and style of bra that meets your individual needs (rather than the needs of a particular celebrity or your best mate). Your boobs, your bra.

Next we're going to look at some typical bust sizes, common features and the style of bra you might want to consider:

  • Size: Small Bust - Features: Your bra should hold, lift and enhance your boobs. Type: Padded, Plunge, Half cup
  • Size: Average Bust - Features: Average busts are the easiest to comfortably fit. Type: Any style
  • Size: Full Bust - Features: Typically your breasts might sit lower than usual on your chest, you don't want to lift them too much or it might appear unnatural Type: Balcony, Some soft cups
  • Size: Pendulous Bust - Features: This doesn't mean overly large breasts, but breasts that sit lower on the chest. Type: Balcony, Foam moulded
  • Size: Breasts of Different Sizes - Features: This is not unusual at all, it's quite common and sometimes one breast can be a completely different cup size. Type: Balcony, Moulded

So with a small amount of extra effort you can select a bra that not only suits your size, the activities you'll be doing and your personal style, with a proper, professional fitting, you'll barely even notice you're wearing one (and your bust will thank you).

Editor's Note 2/2/12: When this post was initially published we mistakenly attributed the post to the wrong guest writer. The byline has since been corrected. We apologize for any confusion.

Gemma Sly
Gemma Sly writes for Freya Lingerie (lingerie up to a K cup). When Gemma isn't writing, she's addicted to all social media platforms, in the gym keeping fit or heading up the Vin Diesel fan club as the UK's number one fan.