Steal: ASOS Heather Grey Suit with Fluro Trim $163.62

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ASOS Heather Grey Suit with Fluro Trim
One of my favorite shopping moments is when you find a budget piece that is super unique and feels like something you saw on the runway, but isn't so close to a designer pick to look like a knock off. It's a serendipitous happening that doesn't come along all that often. This suit find creates that exact feeling.

The ASOS Boyfriend Blazer and Pencil Skirt with Fluro Trim is created from a lightweight, stretchy polyester/ viscose/ elastane mix -- which sounds a whole lot like a stretch jersey-type blend -- in heather grey with a bright lime trim or navy blue with bright orange trip. The cut of both the blazer and the skirt is a little more modern, but not completely crazy. It's fresh. And, get this, the ensemble is machine washable!

If you work in a more creative environment, this is the exact right way to rock a non-stuffy suit. Alternatively, each piece could easily be paired with other items for a more mix-and-match look. I'd try the blazer with slouchy boyfriend jeans and super high heels. Or, the skirt could be worn with a tank top and booties for an athletic-inspired look. The blue version is a little more preppy, the grey version a little more athletic-chic.

→ Buy the ASOS Boyfriend Blazer with Fluro Trim, $99.99, and the ASOS Pencil Skirt with Fluro Trim, $63.63, at; shipping and returns are free.