The Coolest Maternity Wear on the Web: 5 Top Picks

Thursday, February 23, 2012

--Guest Post By Olivia

Finding great maternity clothes is surprisingly hard. The internet is your best bet, but Google may just disappoint fashionable moms-to-be. Some of the most frumpy maternity wear on the net is being advertised as “funky”. What’s a girl to do? Well, there are some nice stores around. Where?

The Dutch brand Noppies has some of the coolest maternity clothes and baby clothes on the market. Their tunics and tops are especially nice, I think, and can easily be combined with different accessories to create a work, casual, or evening look. The jersey maternity tops are especially versatile, because they’ll stretch and “shrink” and can be worn during the period of weight loss after pregnancy; most are also nursing-friendly. There’s one problem — Noppies’ webstore makes it clear that they only ship to the Netherlands. Other stores, including 9 months to grow, also carry the brand.

Noppies Maternity Henley Sweater in Green

→ Buy the Noppies Maternity Henley Sweater in Green, $70.00, at

MamaSan Maternity apparel is probably the most unusual on the web. The stuff they sell is marketed to gothic, heavily-tattooed pregnant moms, and one peek at their site will force you to admit they look pretty cool. But, MamaSan also has plenty of maternity wear that will appeal to less eccentric moms to-be as well. Take away the make-up and the tattoos, and you’ll be left with a cool lady in a great t-shirt.

MamaSan Maternity Betty in Stitches Tank Top

→ Buy the MamaSan Maternity Betty in Stitches Tank Top, $28.00, at

Pickles and Ice Cream
This shop tries to be cool and modern. They have plenty of boring items too, but there are still nice tops, dresses, and coats to be found. Pickles and Ice Cream also carries nice maternity swim wear. This shop doesn’t blow me away, but it is much nicer than so many others, and deserves a mention.

Pickles and Ice Cream Lilac Maternity Yellow Bella Wrap Top

→ Buy the Pickles and Ice Cream Lilac Maternity Yellow Bella Wrap Top, $68.00, at

Belly Dance Maternity
Those who love simple clothes that are stylish and just a little bit different will like Belly Dance Maternity. Their clothes may be slightly too pricey to be considered “basics”, but hey — clothes for pregnant women are expensive, anyway.

Michael Stars Harlow Maternity Maxi Dress

→ Buy the Michael Stars Harlow Maternity Maxi Dress, $158.00, at

Sweet Lilly Maternity
This Australian store has nice, affordable maternity clothes — including some decent wedding dresses! Sweet Lilly Maternity has been featured in the Australian “Pregnancy” magazine many times, and it’s easy to see why.

MEV Bianca Kaftan Top in Gold

→ Buy the MEV Bianca Kaftan Top in Gold, ~$103.82, at

Guest blogger Olivia is a mother of two, who discovered it’s quite hard to find maternity clothes without bears or lame “Baby on Board” texts. She writes about fertility, expecting a baby, weight loss after pregnancy, and parenting at Trying To Conceive.