Valentine’s Day Fashion: The Perfect Shoe

Friday, February 10, 2012

--Guest Post By Tonya Vrba

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Women around the world are trying to decide which romantic movie to drag their boyfriends to, The Vow or This Means War. Men are planning romantic dates that will hopefully lead to a romantic night. Nothing is more romantic than a little spontaneity. Many a man will plan a mystery date and not tell their lover what they will be doing. Some may give away the dinner plans, but have a surprise tucked away upon leaving the restaurant. Woman can’t be too careful these days. The reason why women can do anything is because we are prepared for everything. This Valentine’s Day, make sure you are ready for any surprise and look fabulous all the way.

A nice pair of comfortable flats can go a long way. Many are fashion forward enough to be worn with fancy clothes to nice restaurants. Without a heel, you reduce your chances of falling as you and your lover chase down a taxi and your chances of limping during a long romantic stroll. Check out the Vince Camuto Women’s VC-Omana Flat from Endless. With feminine details and a slightly raised heel, these are sure to compliment any outfit. They come in black, charcoal and coral rose.

Vince Camuto Women's VC-Omana Flat

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Let’s be honest, though. What can replace a great heel? The challenge is to find a heel that is not only cute, but functional. A girl on the go must be ready for anything. Image you were combining the traction of a walking shoe and the style of a heel. If you Google walking heel, you don’t find much, but believe me, they are out there. The read Vivanz San Miguel shoe from is a perfect example. The shoe is a bit more casual, but it has a 2 inch heel with outsoles made of Italian rubber for traction.

Vivanz San Miguel Sandal

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Perhaps you are one of those women who have trained their feet to function all day in fashion heels. You drive to work, walk the dog and chase down taxis all in your amazing high heels. I commend you, for your feet are much stronger than mine. Who can really resist a cute heel, anyway? That is why I must throw in these Diva Lounge Lorane nude platform pumps. With a beautiful accent that resembles a flower to the side, they are simple to die for. They scream romance. If you must sport a dashing pair of high heels, remember to bring some back up. Pack some simple flats in your purse, just in case.

Diva Lounge Lorane 201 Nude Ruffle Color Block Platform Pumps

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Valentine’s Day can often amount to a mundane holiday with little more than a dinner out to celebrate. Perhaps that is just what your lover wants you to think. Never rule out the possibility of some romantic spontaneity and always be prepared. We are far past the days of twisting our ankle while running. With all options at our disposal, you are sure to find a pair of romantic shoes for whatever comes your way this Valentine’s Day.

Tonya Vrba
Tonya Vrba is a passionate writer. Her work has been published in newspapers and blogs. She is currently an active writer for Online Dating Sites. Learn more about Tonya and her work at her personal website