Want to Look Like a '50s Mom? Accessorize with a Wristwatch

Monday, February 13, 2012

--Guest Post By Tanya Peterson

My Mom - Street photographer shot, 1950's
I adore the look of the '50s mom, don’t you? She always looked so put together. Her hair was done just so, she wore a gorgeously matched outfit and her accessories were virtually perfect. One of the accessories that I love is the wristwatch. Women in the '50s used the wristwatch like we use bracelets today; as a way to pull an outfit together.

As a mom, there’s no doubt that a watch is an important accessory to have. Recently, I’ve begun to build my wristwatch collection in an attempt to emulate these fabulous moms. What’s my brand of choice? Timex. Here are my top picks:

For the Casual Mom
The Timex Weekender is hands-down my favorite watch. With slip-through fabric straps, you can change the look of your watch without having to spend $100. The Weekender is water-resistant up to 30 meters and has an INDIGLO night-light.

Timex Women's Weekender Watch

→ Buy the Timex Women's Weekender Watch, $34.99, at target.com.

For the Fast-Paced Mom
The Timex Easy Reader is my choice for moms who are always in a hurry. The easily readable faces make checking the time quick and simple. No more staring at your tiny watch face for five minutes waiting for your eyes to focus. The INDIGLO night-light provides easy reading even when the lights go off and the water resistant faces mean that you don’t have to worry about getting splashed pool-side.

Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch

→ Buy the Timex Women's Easy Reader Watch, $32.00, at amazon.com

For the No-Fuss Mom
The automatic winding movement of the Automatic Collection ensures that you never have to worry about your watch not keeping time. The mineral glass crystal face is scratch-resistant so your watch will look as new a year from now as the day you bought it. Take a closer look at the face and you’ll notice the power meter; now you’ll always know exactly how much power your watch has stored on board.

Timex Ladies Automatic Watch

→ Buy the Timex Ladies Automatic Watch, $102.88, at amazon.com.

The Fashionista Mom
No one said that watches have to be manly to be functional! These jewelry inspired watches feature genuine Swarovski crystals, mother of pearl dials and your choice of leather straps or stainless steel bracelets. These watches are lovely with jeans and the perfect accessory for your evening on the town.

Timex Women's Classic Crystal Black Dial Watch

→ Buy the Timex Women's Classic Crystal Black Dial Watch, $36.88, at overstock.com.

The Sporty Mom
The IRONMAN traditional 30-Lap Oversize watch is my choice for the mom who plays as hard as her kids. A 99-lap counter, 30-lap recall, 24-hour countdown and fifteen date reminders make this watch fun and functional. The ruggedly built watch won’t be damaged by the dings and hits you take on the field or off.

Timex Women's Ironman 30-Lap Digital Watch

→ Buy the Timex Women's Ironman 30-Lap Digital Watch, $49.95, at rei.com.

The Working Mom
Any watch in the Classics collection is a fabulous choice for the working mom, but my favorite is the Elevated Classics Sport Chic. With a black dial, white numbers and stainless steel, adjustable bracelet, the watch equally beautiful with a suit as it does on casual Friday.

Timex Elevated Classics Sport Chic Watch

→ Buy the Timex Elevated Classics Sport Chic Watch, $49.95, at zappos.com; shipping and returns are free.

I’ve found that looking pulled together doesn’t have to be difficult. With a bit of practice, it’s as easy as running out of the house in your sweats! Part of any great outfit is a fabulous accessory and the wristwatch is making a strong comeback. Take a look at a Timex or two and see what you think!

Author Tanya Peterson resides in NYC and is a content contributor for watchrepairny.com, a Manhattan provider of fine watch repair services since 1978. Tanya's grandfather was in the antique watch business and it's been a fascination with her since childhood.