Want To Play Fashion Trivia? Test Your Knowledge of Spring 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

--Guest Post By John Fisher

What fashion trends are hot for 2012? Test your fashion knowledge and see if your sense of style is in the know.

What’s a Peplum?
You’ve seen them around, and they come back into style every so often. A peplum is a short overskirt attached at the waist of a jacket or blouse. It can flare out like a large ruffle from a slim waist, or it can fall gently from a loose-fitting waist. They can be paired with skirts or with pants. Either way, watches for the peplum to make a big splash in 2012.

J.Crew Collection Peplum Top

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What Colors Promise to Go Big in 2012?
For the spring, think pastels. If you aren’t sure what makes a color a pastel, think of traditional baby colors—the soft pinks, the subtle light blues, the breathy yellows. If you still aren’t sure what we’re talking about, think about Easter eggs and delicate spring flowers. Pastels may be dressed up with accents of a stronger color, but for spring the pastels themselves are taking center stage.

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Should You Consider Drop-Waist Styles?
Yes! Styles with peplums often have waist-defining styles, but there’s another silhouette entering the game: the drop waist. Think of the flappers from the 1920s with more straight lines than curves. The drop waist places the waistline around the hips, creating a trendy new look for spring. But the drop waist isn’t just for the flowing curveless look; you’ll also see it paired with body-skimming tops that define the waist and top of the hips before falling into the skirt.


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Which Prints Should You Look For in 2012?
Expect some interesting small-print fabrics, as well as fabrics and apparel with larger designs. With the ability to use digital imaging to create the print on modern fabrics, you may see some printed designs that don’t have the traditional repetition of printed material. For example, a simple image such as a tree or a flower can make an interesting printed accent for a dress. Or, a dress could feature a unique non-repetitive print derived from digital photography. Large vivid and abstract prints also offer versatility.

Harvey Faircloth Surf Print Dress

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What about Hot Accessories for spring?
Again, think pastels. You’ll see pastel shoes, purses, clutches, wallets, and everything else you can think of to complement your pastel clothing. You may see these pastels on leather skin purses and shoes, and you may also see these skins in more natural-looking colors. In other shoe news, platform shoes continue to be at the top of the list, as do strappy stilettos as well as flats.

Miu Miu Flare Heel Pump

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Also watch for oversized earrings. But these aren’t the severe geometric-shaped brightly-colored earrings of the 1980s; earrings for 2012 feature more glitz and ornamentation. You’ll continue to see jewels and bling on women’s ears, as well as on necklaces and belts. Print and fringe scarves are also major players.

Hats are another big accessory, and there seem to be as many styles out there as there are heads to wear them. Following the imaginative hats seen at the royal wedding last year, all you may need to create a fabulous hat of your own is some ingenuity.

So how did you do? Remember that following the trends may show your fashion smarts, but going beyond the trends and making your style your own shows real genius.

Author John Fisher is an avid fan of trivia, games and activities, such as this useful trivia.