Splurge: Erdem Ez Plisse Chiffon Skirt

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Erdem Ez Plisse Chiffon Skirt
When I think about the big trends for Spring 2012, the extreme florals feel the most indulgent. Sure, they are gorgeous in that way that makes you want to jump into a pile of their frothy goodness and just bliss out. And, yes, they are so supremely feminine that even the most hard-edged, c-suite alpha-woman is powerless when faced with their girly girl charms. But, are they practical? Not unless you live the life of the ladies who lunch.

Luckily, splurging isn't about making sense of what we want or calculating price per wear. Splurging is all about following your heart to that one gorgeous piece that started calling your name the moment you saw it on the runway and hasn't stopped running through your head since. For Spring 2012, the siren call of the splurge-worthy item must go to Erdem's amazing floral prints. In what will likely go down in fashion history as a label-making collection, Erdem floated all manner of stunning floral prints down the runway for Spring. Each was more glorious than the last.

Ready to indulge? I suggest this Erdem Ez Plisse Chiffon Skirt, straight off the Spring runway. The beautiful combination of lemony yellow and pale blue is enough to brighten your day the moment you put it on. This is definitely one of those items that you'll love just having in your closet. Plus, the fact that it's a skirt (rather than a dress) means that you will be able to mix and match to create a number of looks that range from dressy to casual (or, as casual as you can get in a $1,700.00 skirt). That combination of feel-good fun and versatility makes this Erdem skirt 100% splurge-worthy.

→ Buy the Erdem Ez Plisse Chiffon Skirt, $1,700.00, at net-a-porter.com.