10 'No Shame Out' Beauty and Fashion Tips for Spring

Thursday, April 26, 2012

--Guest Post By Aileen Pablo

Some of spring’s hottest fashion and beauty trends are also some of the versatile looks of the year but all of those brights, neons, and floral prints aren’t always to pull off. If you don’t want to be the fashion victim of the season, make sure you know how to work each look and trend with style.
Here are ten beauty and fashion tips for spring:

1. Remember leggings are not pants.
Leggings are still a hot trend for the season but you need to wear them with the right top. Tunic tops, long blouses, or French-cuff shirts (don’t tuck it in!) are your best bets.

2. Pick only one trend.
Whether you’re crazy about florals or anxious to try neons this season, avoid trend overkill by choosing just one trend per outfit.

3. No socks with sandals!
When has this look ever been in style? Whether you’re going with wedge heels or gladiator sandals, leave socks out of the picture.

4. Choose the right color for your hair.
One of the season’s most coveted trends is bright and bold-colored hair. Stick with darker colors if you have dark eyes and an olive or darker complexion; brighter colors if you have fair skin or blue or green eyes.

5. Don’t double up on makeup trends.
Some of spring’s top beauty trends include bold red lips and an enhanced cat-eye. Pick one or the other – not both!

6. No tunics with wide-leg pants.
Both of these pieces are in the fashion forecast for spring but you won’t be doing your figure any favors by wearing them together. The only way to pull off this look in style is to add a waist-cinching belt.

7. Wear the right shoe with wide-leg pants.
Whether you’re going with some comfy khakis or tailored jeans, make sure you’re wearing them with either wedge heels or pointed heels this season. Flats with wide-leg pants will only make you look larger.

8. Avoid full-length maxi dresses if you’re short.
While the full-length maxi dress can hide virtually every figure flaw, it can also make you look short and stout. If you’re short or petite, stick with a knee-length or just below-the-knee maxi dress so you can show off your legs. This is a fun, carefree look when paired with the right heels.

9. Go easy on the sparkles.
Glitter, sequins, and metallics are fun accents to add to your ensemble this spring but it’s very easy to overdo it – especially with your daytime outfits. Choose just one item or facial feature to enhance with anything sparkly and keep the rest fairly neutral. The subtle touch of shimmer or glitter will show off your playful side without making you look overdone.

10. Practice, practice, practice with extreme heels.
When you’re ready to sport a pair of 5-inch-plus heels – or any super-high heel you’re not used to wearing – make sure you’ve had plenty of practice trotting around in those shoes before you head out. It can take some time for your leg muscles to adjust to the new height and you’ll need to watch your posture. Avoid an embarrassing slip-up by wearing those heels for at least a couple of hours at home for a few days before you make your debut.

Aileen Pablo is part of the team behind Open Colleges, one of Australia’s leading providers of TAFE Courses equivalent and Beauty therapy Courses. When not working, Aileen blogs about beauty and is often invited as a speaker in Personality Development Seminars in the Philippines.