How To Pick the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Friday, April 13, 2012

--Guest Post By Lindsay Marsh

Are you ready for swimsuit season? If your answer is “no,” think again — your body may not match the girl on the catalog, but you can rest assured that a flattering swimsuit awaits you, just as you look right right now. The key is knowing your body type, then looking for key features that emphasize the va-va-voom, and trust me — you've got it. Check out these tips for 4 different body types that will have you sizzling up the beach in no time!

The Right Swimsuit for Your Body - Woman in Swimsuit

Larger Bust
If you've been blessed with a curvacious bust line, you know the problems that arise when swimsuits enter the scene: sore neck and shoulders, and — well — not much control. Fortunately, sexy and comfortable can live in harmony when you search for these characteristics:
  • Wide Straps: Let's face it, your more voluptuous “girls” need more support, and thin straps will only strain your neck and shoulders. Try a wide-set sexy halter with for even support.
  • Underwire Support: If it offers cup-sizing like a bra, you're on the right track. The underwire will flatter your assets by keeping them lifted, and you won't have to spend the day “adjusting” and worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Solid colors: If you're looking to minimize your chest, solid, dark colors are your best best.

Smaller Bust
Looking to get some extra va-va-voom in your swimwear? Fortunately, the right swimsuit can offer just the right padding and shape to give a natural-looking boost to your bust line. Here's what you need to look for:
  • Go Bandeau: This style of bikini top creates a curvacious shape on petite frames. Take full advantage of your lighter size and sport a strapless bandeau, something busty girls can't pull off as easily.
  • Go Wild on Prints: Those fun, colorful prints are perfect for visually amping up smaller bust lines, giving them the illusion of being bigger. Try a detailed floral print for max impact!
  • Get Demi Cleavage: In my circle of friends, we call them the “Up and Together” swimsuits. Gel-filled demicups add subtle curve and volume while pushing up the ladies, giving you a natural-yet-showstopping lift.
  • Ruffle Up: If padding and gel isn't enough, try one of today's popular ruffle-top styles — the flirty frills give an illusion of volume, which makes them perfect for petite chests.

Pear Shape
If you are widest around the hips and/or thighs, there are plenty of ways to accentuate the (very common) body type you've been blessed with. Choosing the right swimwear will emphasize the positive while downplaying the negative:
  • The Right Cut: You may be tempted to choose a suit with the most coverage around your hips, but think again. That boycut style can actually be less flattering around your bottom, because it draws attention to the widest part of your thighs. Instead, try a higher-cut bottom for longer-looking legs.
  • Emphasize the Top: Choose a suit that draws attention to your top half; a sassy halter that shows off your shoulders, a v-neck that hints at some cleavage, or more color than the bottom.
  • Sport a Sarong: Add a little romance to your swim-ensemble with a flirty sheer wrap or sarong. They add modesty to any swimsuit by offering the hips and thighs some coverage, but still look as beach-ready as any bikini.

Swimsuits today are designed to be more flattering than ever for women with curves. Keep an eye out for these hot features when shopping for plus-sized swimwear:
  • Retro Ruche: This retro style of suit that gathers around your curves has made a serious comeback lately. The fabric folds conceal imperfections and have a slenderizing effect around the midsection.
  • Paneling Can Be Your Best Friend: Get support where you need it most by looking for swimsuits with panels, or areas that offer reinforcement where you need it most. The extra support smooths out your figure and can help minimize areas around the midsection.
  • Opt for Skirt or High-Cut: If you're self-conscious about your hips or thighs, go for a swimsuit with a built-in skirt for a flirty look that de-emphasizes that section. If skirts aren't your thing, choose high-cut suits — the effect visually elongates your legs, and who wouldn't want that?

Lindsay Marsh
Lindsay Marsh from Surrey is a keen fashion enthusiast and enjoys swimming regularly to help keep her fit and healthy. When she is not in the pool using her favorite swimwear, she loves to go shopping or socialise with friends.