5 Unique and Fun Father's Day Gifts

Monday, May 21, 2012

--Guest Post By Adam B.

Most people would agree that the most difficult person in the family to buy a gift for is your father. It seems like dads pride themselves on having everything, which makes finding a gift that they don’t have even more challenging. Unlike Mother’s Day, you can’t get away with just sending flowers and a card.

I usually find myself struggling to find something at the last minute for my dad, so I started my gift search early this year and came up with a bunch of unique gift ideas. Below are 5 suggestions for gifts that you can get for the dad that seems to have everything:

1. Magnetic drill bits set
While almost every dad has a complete set of tools, chances are he doesn’t have a nice set of magnetic bits for his drill. One of the biggest hassles of using a drill is changing out the bits and make sure it’s lined up straight. With this magnetic drill bit set, all your dad will need to do is point the drill at the bit he wants and it will snap into place. This is a nifty gift for the dad who is the self claimed “repairman” of the family!

DEWALT 35-Piece Magnetic Compact Rapid Load Drill Bit Set

→ Buy the DEWALT 35-Piece Magnetic Compact Rapid Load Drill Bit Set, $24.97, at lowes.com.

2. Noise cancelling headphones
My dad always complains that he never gets enough quiet time, so let’s help fix that problem! These noise cancelling headphones are perfect for Dad when he wants to kick back and block out the distractions going on in the house. They’ll also come in handy while traveling, as they block out the noise on planes as well!

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

→ Buy the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, $299.00, at amazon.com.

3. Fedora hat
A fedora hat is a great gift for the fashionable dad with a large wardrobe! Chances are he has plenty of shirts and ties, but I doubt he has many hats! When your dad is out, sneak into his closet and try to picture a hat that you think will go well with most of his clothes. Sites such as The Fedora Store have a large selection so that you can find any hat to match his wardrobe!

Henschel Melton Wool Gentleman Fedora Hat

→ Buy the Henschel Melton Wool Gentleman Fedora Hat, $44.95, at thefedorastore.com.

4. Dinner of the month club
Many parents complain that they don’t get enough alone time to enjoy their significant other. Help set up a date for them by purchasing your dad a dinner of the month subscription. Each month, your dad will be able to have a date night to enjoy alone time with mom over great food. He’ll appreciate the great meal along with the break from the kids! Amazing Clubs has all sorts of packages so you can create the perfect gift full of meals your dad is sure to enjoy!

Amazing Clubs Dinner of the Month Club

→ Buy the Amazing Clubs Dinner of the Month Club, $71.85 (3 month) - $263.40 (12 month), at amazingclubs.com; shipping is free.

5. Meat branding set
This is the perfect gift for the stereotypical dad that loves grilling and enjoys his meat rare. It’s sometimes hard to remember which meats are rare or medium, but you no longer have to stress over it with the meat branding set. When a steak is done, simply brand it with the appropriate symbol. This way, everyone will know how the steak was cooked without making a mess cutting into the meat!

Texas Irons Rare/Medium/Well BBQ Branding Iron Gift Set

→ Buy the Texas Irons Rare/Medium/Well BBQ Branding Iron Gift Set, $59.95, at amazon.com.

Adam B.
Adam has invested a lot of time and energy into helping people find the best gift for their dad for Father’s Day. When he isn’t busy creating resource like these, he’s searching the internet for the next cool gift idea!