How To Choose the Right Shapewear for Your Figure

Monday, May 14, 2012

--Guest Post By Michelle Star

Shapewear is a wonderful invention within the lingerie market and is becoming an increasing popular as designs improve and move away from the ugly shapewear of decades past. Shapewear is, as the name suggests, uniquely designed to physically shape your body in some way.

Unlike many people believe, shapewear is not just for "big" bodies. For example a waist cincher can create an hourglass figure where you're naturally less curvy, no matter what size you are. You can enhance your bust, slim your hips, get trimmer thighs... shape wear has undergone a huge transformation in the past few years, with new fabrics being developed and new shapes being designed. Super stretcy lace for example means you can now look trim in sexy black lace, rather than the nude coloured nylon of your mother's generation. Really, shapewear has never looked so good!

Below are my tips on choosing the right shapewear for you.

"Boyish" Figure
A "boyish" figure is often defined as a body shape consisting of a small waist, small hips and small shoulders - you're more of a straight up-and-down figure than a curvy hourglass. A glamorous shapewear basque would be an excellent solution for you, enhancing a small bust whilst nipping the waist in. Choose a basque that ends before the hips - this will make your waist-to-hip ratio appear bigger, in other words giving you some instant sexy curves!

Fauve by Fantasie Rosa Underwired Moulded Strapless Basque

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Pear Shape Figure
Pear shaped ladies tend to have quite large hips compared to their waist, as well as a small bust. Therefore, a push up slip with built in cups and that reaches over the hips would be a great form of shapewear for these women as it can help to smooth and trim your hips whilst providing some extra oomph up top. "Slim shorts" will narrow your hips only although they generally don't look as sexy as a slip.

Spanx Haute Contour Captivating Full Slip

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Hourglass Figure
A size 8 or a size 18 can be "curvy" - its not to do with size, but rather to do with proportions and the ratio between your measurements. Girls with an hourglass figure have wide hips, a large bust and a waist that is significantly smaller than their hips. As with a pear shaped figure, a slip will slim your hips and emphasise your small waist. A corset is another great idea to really make the most of your small waist - longer line corsets will also trim the hips, as will a shaping girdle for added vintage chic.

Dominique All Lace Longline Bustier Bra Corset

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What is your favourite piece of shape wear?

Michelle Star writes for Esty Lingerie, an online luxury lingerie boutique where you can buy a range of gorgeous shapewear for all figures, from pretty girdles to cheap corsets.