Olivia Palermo: Style You Can Count On

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Do you have a celebrity fashion muse? You know, someone you turn to again and again for style inspiration? I've notice that, over the years, I do turn to the same roster of faces when I need to be sartorially inspired. And I'm excited that Toyota asked me to share one of my go-to style celebs with all of you.

I know many people look to marquee fashionistas like Jacqueline Onassis or Jane Birkin when they are asked to name a go-to muse. I was tempted to think really hard and arrive at a perfect (and perfectly acceptable, in fashion circles) celeb. But, if I'm being really honest, my day-to-day inspiration comes from someone much more modern: Olivia Palermo.

Ok, before you recoil remembering Miss Olivia's incredibly unflattering reality television turn, let me explain. My task was to identify the famous face that I can rely on. That person I can turn to and, without fail, find inspiration. Olivia may not be universally popular, or the trendy person to call out as an inspiration, but she's rock solid in the fashion department. Her style is 100% in step with my own and I know that no matter the occasion or day of the week, I can look to Olivia Palermo to find my next perfect outfit.

Now, I invite you to set aside any biases you might have and check out some of the fashion lessons I've learned from Olivia Palermo's style that I rely on for my daily inspiration.

1. When in doubt, a skinny pant always looks great.

2. The right handbag will elevate an otherwise plain outfit, so choose wisely.

3. Layers, when done right, are crazy stylish.

4. You don't need to show skin to be super sexy.

I could go on and on. I've turned to Olivia Palermo to get in a style frame of mind so many times I feel like she's a member of my inner circle. Who do you rely on for fashion inspiration? Let me know in the comments.

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