Nude Heels: How To Get the Kate Middleton Look

Thursday, June 21, 2012

--Guest Post By Kieron

Kate Middleton at Epsom Derby 2011
When it comes to shoe design there is one type of shoe that nearly every girl prefers. Leg-lengthening and versatile to the degree they will suit most outfits, high heels are often a girl’s best friend. Whether they are banana-heeled, cigarette-heeled or stilettos, heels are always in vogue simply due to the fact they are so versatile and can be worn in a wide array of social situations.

One particular style of heel, however, is gaining all the headlines at the moment due to their endorsement by, quite literally, fashion royalty. As of late, Kate Middleton has been sporting, on an almost permanent basis, a pair of LK Bennett nude high heel court shoes which have got the fashion world a-buzzing. It is easy to see why Prince William’s wife is so fond of her shoes as, even more so than any other heel, nude shoes give a flatteringly deceptive illusion of elongated legs and can compliment nearly all other colours and most styles of attire.

LK Bennett Sledge 2 Shoe
Kate’s fondness for the £185 heels have led the tabloid press to, incorrectly, speculate that the princess owns just the one pair of shoes. This is largely because, against typical royal protocol, Kate has taken to “recycling her clothes” (which to non-royals simply means “being seen in the same article of clothing more than once) and has been spotted in public proudly wearing her nude heels on a number of occasions. As well as donning the court shoes twice during the royal jubilee wedding, Middleton has also donned them to attend the marriage of Zara Phillips and barely removed them on her tour of Canada in which she was spotted in the heels a staggering, by royal standards, six times!

The reasons the royal fashion icon has embraced the heels in the way she has are not surprising, nor are the fact there are many fashionistas who are keen to copy her style. LK Bennett have attempted to capitalise on this unexpected branding and marketing opportunity by releasing a newly issued Sledge 2 Patent version of the nude heels. It is hard to blame the designer brand as it is a very rare occasion indeed in which a young, stylish Princess would take to a brand with such feverish commitment they would almost single-handedly make the brand “cool” for a whole array of fashionable youngsters.

The appeal of these heels, apart from their comfort and durability, is that they are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a number of different styles and ensembles and are suitable for a range of formal events and also informal ones such as attending clubs. Whilst the LK Bennett shoes are relatively cheap (at less than £200) for a lady who is married to the heir of the throne of England, they could represent a substantial amount to a lady who would be looking at more high street prices. Thankfully, the classy simplicity and elegance in the design of Kate’s shoes mean that it is possible to buy a very similar looking pair of nude heels for a much cheaper price and, as such, feeling and looking like a princess has never been more achievable!

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Kieron is a UK based writer who blogs regularly about the latest fashion trends and high heel shoes