Review: Beauty & Truth Illuminating Scrub

Monday, July 09, 2012

Beauty & Truth Illuminating Scrub
I'm a big fan of the exfoliating, as we all should be. No other beauty routine item that I can think of creates an immediate, noticeable positive effect like a good scrub or chemical exfoliant. I certainly have my favorites, which I've written about quite a bit here, but I'm always up for finding a new top pick.

Recently I got a chance to try out and review Beauty & Truth Illuminating Scrub. Beauty & Truth is a new-to-me label, so I'm betting not many of you have run across it yet either. The line focuses on using top quality, pure ingredients that are proven to deliver results. The line is paraben-free and not tested on animals, and each product description contains details about the reasons behind the key ingredients in each item. And the packaging is really cute. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Illuminating Scrub contains citrus, green tea, pumice and sugar cane extract as its key ingredients. According to the website, these ingredients were chosen for their exfoliation (citrus, pumice), antioxidant (green tea) and moisturizing (sugar cane) properties. The suggested use is: "Using the fingertips, massage onto make-up free skin with a circular motion, avoiding immediate eye area. Rinse away. Apply 2 times a week to achieve maximum glow." I used the product on my normal 2 times per week in-shower exfoliating schedule, just as prescribed, for one week. Now, on to my review...

Packaging and Instructions
First of all, the exterior packaging is fabulous. It's a nice, clean black and white design that has that modern-retro look that is so popular right now. It's very appealing, which makes using the product fun. The motif carries over to the actual product container, so it looks great sitting on your bathroom counter. The instructions are clear and to-the-point.

The Illuminating Scrub comes in a jar, which is not my favorite for products that will be used by wet fingers. My sample jar's lid was screwed on particularly tight. So tight that I had to hit it hard on the ground to crack the outer lid in order to get it open. That wasn't fun. I'd much prefer a squeeze tube for this kind of product since I like to use my scrubs in the shower -- the jar is just too messy for my taste.

Texture and Feel
This scrub has tiny sand-like grains that are quite uniform in texture and abundant in the scrub. Unlike products that contain natural pits or seeds, there aren't any sharp edges to accidentally scrape your face. That's a definite plus. The formula is roughly the thickness of toothpaste and spreads well, taking only about a nickel-size to exfoliate the entire face. The scent is mild and clean, neither floral nor sweet.

Altogether, I was quite pleased with the Beauty & Truth Illuminating Scrub. The uniform scrub granules did a great job of getting rid of all of the rough patched on my face without irritation. Seriously, not a single red spot or blotch after using, which I found shocking given how completely the scrub got rid of my rough areas. I was expecting to emerge from the shower with at least some nose and chin blotches.

Would I prefer a different packaging? Definitely. Would I change the formula at all? Not a chance. As long as the jar doesn't get too grimy from shower usage, I'll definitely continue to use the Illuminating Scrub. The results were great and the absence of irritation after use was a big plus over most of the other scrubs I have in rotation.

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Disclosure: A review sample of this product was provided by Beauty & Truth; no compensation was received in exchange for this review.