4 Ways to Customize Your Clothing for Personalized Style

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

--Guest Post By Amy Carson

Despite the fact that there are dozens of clothing stores in most local shopping malls and thousands of retailers selling clothing online, many women feel like their wardrobe options are limited. This might be because of size, height, or style, but feeling restricted in this area can be a struggle. If you are looking for a wardrobe that fits you perfectly and sets you apart from the crowd, then you might want to look into customizable clothes. Here are four types of customized clothing for stylish females at any age.

1. Tall or Petite Items
Many women struggle to find the right fit for their clothing items, but it is even more difficult for women who are either petite or tall. Although many clothing retailers and department stores do offer some options for both ends of the spectrum, the choice may be limited and even then, you may not fit into the items. A better solution is to find a retailer that will allow you to customize the inseam of pants or the length of dresses in order to fit you perfectly.

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2. Plus-Size Clothing
Just like shopping is challenging for petite and tall women, it can be tough for women seeking out plus-size clothing. Not only is it hard to find items that fit correctly, but there can be a stigma attached to asking salespeople for larger sizes. If you are in the market for stylish plus-size clothing, go online and look for Internet retailers who let you specify your body measurements and create the ideal outfit for you in your exact size.

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3. Embroidered or Screen-Printed Clothes
Sometimes fashion is about more than colors and fit. In fact, sometimes fashion is about expressing yourself, making your opinions known or supporting your favorite team or band. In this case, embroidered or screen-printed options are a great choice. Many retailers will allow you to choose a background color for your clothing and then the text or font as well. You can support your local high school team in a unique design, let people know you love a certain band or even transfer your favorite photo or piece of art onto a shirt to share your interests and passions with others.

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4. Design Your Own Pieces From Scratch
There are many fashion conscious women who want to design their own clothing, but they may lack the ability to sew the pieces together. If you are interested in designing clothing completely from scratch, there are options online that let you do so. Aspiring designers can send in sketches of what a particular piece might look like, send in their exact body measurements, choose the materials and even choose the colors. The final result is a piece of clothing found nowhere else on Earth that is truly one of a kind.

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Picking out clothing that fits, looks great and expresses your style and personality is not always easy. Thankfully, there are plenty of options that extend beyond your local shopping mall. Use these tips to customize the perfect clothing to look your best and show off your sense of style.

Julie Hansen is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, New York. She writes for www.tshirtprinting.org where you can find out more about personalized t-shirts.