Review: Loopty Hoops Does Hoop Earrings Right

Monday, August 27, 2012

--By Kim Moshtaghi

I received my Loopty Hoops package with great joy. I love wearing hoops; however, I cannot wear them for an extended period because my ears cannot handle the pressure. After an extended period, hoops can cause ear irritation. Naturally, I was curious to see if the Loopty Hoops could leave my ears pain free while stylin’.

Loopy Hoops Logo

The Loopty packaging gave me a good first impression. However, their packaging was somewhat overwhelming. The earrings came packaged so securely that the package would keep a little kid busy for a half an hour as he tries to unwrap it. The earrings came wrapped in tissue paper stuffed in a pretty white jewelry bag. The package also contained a personalized handwritten note that thanked me for purchasing the earrings. Sometimes a personal touch goes a long way, because it is rare to receive anything handwritten anymore.

However, the package also included a cute pink and white bag of Mike and Ike’s, a business card, a circular card with the logo, and a rectangular card with their company’s contact information. Here is the problem: it was overkill. I mean how much paper does a girl really need? I figure the earrings and the handwritten note speak for themselves. After all, you pay for the earrings but you do not want to pay for all the stationary!

The Italian sterling silver earrings were thin and gorgeous. They were shiny and easy to wear. Furthermore, they did not irritate my ears. They were light and they didn’t look cheap. The pair I tried cost $36, and I would recommend them to my friends. I do think quality and emphasis on a specific niche sets Loopty apart from its competitors. It’s a genius idea to showcase only one specific shape of earring in different sizes and colors.

Loopty Hoops Endless Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

→ Buy the Loopty Hoops Endless Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, $23.00 - $36.00, at

Although I really liked the simple 2 ½ inch Italian diamond cut sterling silver earrings, I love the round, onyx beaded hoop. It’s so vibrant and sexy! The website has different hoops and an array of beautiful stones and gems that will make you swoon.

Loopty Hoops Round Onyx Beaded Hoop Earrings 14K Yellow Gold

→ Buy the Loopty Hoops Round Onyx Beaded Hoop Earrings 14K Yellow Gold, $185.00, at

I was very impressed by the array of designs. I say you go girl to the founder of Loopy Hoops for taking a niche market to a completely new level. Check them out for yourself and trust me you won’t regret any purchase you make on their website.

Besides the cool selection, their mission statements say it all, “Adorn women everywhere with beautiful hoop earrings” and “the hoop, the whole hoop, and nothing but the hoop.” I love their mottos. They have done a good job with designing their adorable, sassy hoops. However, when it comes to saving trees, that’s a whole other story.

Disclosure: A review sample of Loopty Hoops was provided by Loopty Hoops; no compensation was received in exchange for this review.

Kim Moshtaghi
Kim Moshtaghi is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Born in Germany, Kim is currently based in sunny Del Mar, California, where she also serves as Stiletto Jungle's Director of Sales and Promotions. Kim has a communications degree, a third degree black belt, and a totally covetable Gucci handbag collection.