6 Summer Fashion Trends You Have to Know About

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

--Guest Post By Amy Carson

This summer is all about dressing to your body type and adding cute accents and accessories to your outfit. Draping is an effective flirty and feminine technique. Adding texture through lace and ruffles to floaty dresses, shirts, and blouses is great summer look. Here are more six trends we love.

Maxi-Dress and Maxi-Skirt
Oh you’ve seen it. Maxi-dresses and maxi-shirts are popping up everywhere. In case you’re not familiar, the maxi is a coined term for the dresses and shirts that reach the ground. Despite covering your whole body, the material that these dresses are made out of are cool and breezy, even on hot summer days. Did we mention that they come in flattering fits to accentuate any figure? You should definitely add one of these to your wardrobe.

Charlie Jade Sarita Dress

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Hi-Low Dress
The high-low is party in the front and business in the back. Basically it’s shorter in the font to show off the front of your legs but remains long in the back like a maxi. We love this style of dress because it’s new and fresh for 2012.

Mason by Michelle Mason Double Layer Dress

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Ruffles on Swimwear
Why haven’t ruffles on swimwear been around forever? Ruffles are flattering for women because they add curves to a women’s figure and play a trick on the eye bringing the attention to the ruffle and away from problem areas. We love ruffle miss-matched bikinis, with the top being printed and the bottom being solid.

Luxe By Lisa Vogel - Healing Sands Bikini

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Bright floral patterns are flirty, feminine, and cute. Floral patterns can be found on shirts, tank tops, pants, and accessories. Don’t go overboard on incorporating floral into your outfit though by wearing more than one floral item at a time. For example, wear floral shorts with a solid top or vice versa.

Banana Republic Heritage Floral Pintuck Blouse

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Bright Nails
Some nail polish colors that are popular this summer include bright pink, coral, turquoise and neon orange. Bright toe-nails are also a cute. It’s summer so steer clear from the grays, blacks, tans, and less vibrant colors that will for sure be back in style this fall.

Sephora by OPI Bohemian Brights Mini Nail Colour Set

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Colored Bottoms
Matching colored pants, shorts, and cropped pants with neutral tops is a great summer look. Pull together your outfit by matching a pair of earrings to the color of your pants. Some great pant colors are red, coral, turquoise and white. Cropped pants are the new “pedal pushers,” and should hit right below your calf in order to keep you from looking stocky.

Zara Skinny Trousers

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Remember to always dress for your body type. If you wear high waisted shorts, also wear a tighter shirt to balance out your outfit. If you’re into short shorts, wear a flowing tee-shirt that will bring attention and elongate your legs. This summer is all about having a natural, relaxed look. What are you favorite and least favorite trends this summer?

Written by . Amy is a swimwear enthusiast and a writer for Hapari Swimwear - Specializing in Modest, Attractive Swimwear.