Celine Gets the Thursday Friday Canvas Bag Treatment

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remember when tongue-in-cheek tote label Thursday Friday made those must-have Hermes Birkin printed canvas bags and shopping insanity, and lawsuits, ensued? Well, get ready for more shopping insanity (hopefully, minus the lawsuits).

Thursday Friday just released their newest It bag turned social commentary -- the Celine Luggage Tote. Really, it's the perfect new bag for the Thursday Friday line. Earlier this year Glamour magazine declared the Celine Luggage Tote the "It bag of fashion week" and I've noticed the ultra-chic bag popping up all over the glossies and more upscale personal style blogs. Although I truly love the Celine bag, even I have to admit that it's time that someone took to the canvas to parody the rapid rise of the first real It bag in what seems like ages.

Thursday Friday XO Bag

Officially named the XO Bag, and available in Super Together, Together, Mini Together and Here Pouchette sizes, the Celine-printed canvas tote comes in five true to life colors. And the waiting lists are already a mile long. Or until-mid-September long. I may be a tad prone to exaggeration where must-have shopping is concerned. Still, a month is a long wait for a canvas tote bag.

I think this will be a fun work tote. I always have a canvas tote with me on workdays to schlep papers, snacks, etc. This XO Bag manages to be functional and chic, with a dash of anti-it-bag commentary. Really, it's a perfect replacement for my worn J.Crew tote. I'm on the wait list for the black version in the versatile Super Together size. I may also spring for the organizational insert. I'm still deciding. What about you? Will you be splurging on the new Celine-print canvas tote?

→ Buy the Thursday Friday XO Bag, $35.00 - $90.00, at thufri.com.