Top Pick: Elizabeth and James Danikah Leather Leggings

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Elizabeth and James Danikah Leather Leggings
Like many, I'm loving the leather leggings and skinny leather pants that are suddenly so popular. And, like many, I've been doing my research to find the absolute best option for me. But, there really are quite a few considerations, especially given that there's really no way around the fact that this is an investment-level fashion purchase.

So, the biggest considerations tend to boil down to pants vs. leggings, and all leather vs. leather panels. I've been steering away from pants because I don't particularly like the lines created by the button closure and pockets -- leggings are much more streamlined.

On the panel debate, I like the idea of a mix of leather panels and stretchy legging fabric panels. It sounds much more comfortable, and it seems like a great way to keep the leggings in shape since fabric bounces back from wear much more quickly than leather. But, there's a problem. Most of the panel-type leather leggings either look like they were built for comfort (yawn.) or because someone was trying to creating a cheaper legging by limiting the amount of leather. Neither look is all that great.

Then I ran into these Elizabeth and James Danikah Leather Leggings. They are a sleek, pull-on legging style with panels. But, the panels are fabulous. The treatment of the legging fabric and the leather panels creates a super cool moto/ leather chaps look. This is the first pair of leather panel leggings I've seen where the panel design actually creates a better looking pant. The vibe is fashionable and sexy, but with the added comfort and practicality of a panel design. Super in love with these.

→ Buy the Elizabeth and James Danikah Leather Leggings, $565.00, at; shipping and returns are free.