5 Hot Fall Denim Trends For Your Shopping List

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

--Guest Post By Jane at Toronto Shopaholic

I am what you might call a denim fanatic. I am finding it harder and harder to find an event in my life right now where denim is really off the table. So when I am looking at trends for Fall one of the first ones I devour is what is going on in denim.

As a huge fan of denim I love a classic dark wash but it is always fun to mix things up with colour, prints and textures.

Throughout the spring and summer bright hues and printed jeans dominated all other denim trends. In fact they show no signs of slowing down, just adapting for Fall 2012. Other Fall denim trends are back for round two; like coated denim and metallics.

Coloured Denim:
Instead of neons and brights, coloured denim for fall is richer and deeper. Think mustard yellow, burgundy, emerald green and cobalt blue. Coloured denim is a fun alternative to a traditional jean but remember if you are going for colour on the bottom, pairing it with a neutral on top is your best bet.

Blank Denim Hi Rise Skinny Jeans

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Patterned Denim:
Just like fall flowers tend to have deeper hues (think mums and evergreens) so too does floral denim. But there is more than just floral denim; paisley, plaid and animal prints are all great options when it comes to picking patterned denim.

Patterned denim is probably the hardest of all the denim trends to pull off. This style draws attention to your lower half and if this is where you carry most of your weight you could be drawing unwanted attention to this area. Still if you want to participate in this trend consider pairing with a denim tunic or boyfriend blazer.

Current/Elliott The Stiletto Jeans

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This trend is probably the easiest one to wear out of all the Fall 2012 denim trends. Coated denim mimics a leather look without resorting to pleather (hello PLASTIC!) or the price tag of real leather. If you are looking to get a cool downtown look you need to buy a pair of coated jeans. Generally these come in colours like blacks and browns.

J Brand 901 Waxed Legging Jeans

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Metallic Denim:
Metallic jeans have a certain wow factor and are a great option for going out on the town or for denim fanatics during the Holiday Season. They don’t just have to be your “fancy” jeans though, if you style them with moto boots and a Zoe Karssen tee I could see them working for weekend too. Personally I am all for a gold jean this fall!

7 For All Mankind The Skinny Jeans in Metallic

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Ombre Denim:
This is the newest denim trend and I am interested to see who will be wearing it as it has a very downtown cool girl vibe. This trend did pop up in small doses this summer and was a favourite of DIY bloggers as you could take a pair of darker wash denim and bleach them to get the gradual ombre effect. Still I am in love with this grey pair. Can’t you Kate Moss wearing a pair of these?

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans

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I still don’t know which trend I like best but I am leaning towards coated denim because I love the look of slim leather pants – what do you like best?

Jane is the founder of torontoShopoholic.com, one shopoholic’s guide to shopping in Toronto neighbourhood by neighbourhood. She is also a personal style blogger and shares her favourite trends at torontoshopoholicblog.com.