How To Wear a High Low Skirt

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

--Guest Post By Liz Conaty

Women’s clothing trends change all the time, and one of the newest trends on the scene is the high low skirt. A high low skirt is a skirt that is longer in the back than in the front. Depending on the skirt, the front can be dramatically shorter than the back, or just a few inches shorter.

This style of skirt is popular because it mixes the flowing, bohemian look of a maxi skirt with the sexy, flirty look of a mini skirt. Some women may have trouble styling their high low skirts and women’s dresses, but with the right accessories, it is possible to make your skirt work for any atmosphere -- even the office!

Try some of these ways to wear your high low skirt:

With simple, yet bold accessories
Make the skirt the star of your outfit by pairing it with simple accessories. Wear the skirt with a bustier top and clunky boots to add some sassiness to your outfit. This outfit choice is the perfect outfit to wear out on the town or on a fun date. You can also mix up your look by adding dramatic earrings and necklaces to your simple outfit.

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With work-friendly elements
You may not think it is possible, but you can wear high low hemlines at work. Choose a front length that is close to knee-length to fit work dress codes, and pair your skirt with work-friendly elements like blouses and blazers. Add a pair of traditional, office-friendly heels and you are good to go.

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With textural interest
High low skirts are all about texture, and playing this aspect up creates an outfit that is beautiful and artistic. Look for other clothing pieces that also have flowing, draping textures, like draping shawls, and shirts with a loose fit. Avoid looking like a bag lady by belting your loose clothing at the waist and wearing high heels.

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With a wide belt
A wide belt can add just the element of interest that keeps your high low skirt fresh and interesting. Pair your skirt with a draping top and belt it at the waist for a modern nod to the prairie look of the past. Wear light shoes, like sandals or open-toed shoes to keep the look fresh and open.

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With skinny jeans
One non-traditional way to wear your high low skirt is with skinny jeans. Wear your skirt or dress over skinny jeans and tuck the front of the skirt into the waistband of your jeans. This will produce a draping, cape-like look to your outfit which is quite trendy and fun. Wear a tighter fitting top with this outfit and sturdy shoes to avoid looking like a child playing dress up. This look is perfect for fall weekend wear or everyday school clothing.

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With a cropped jacket
Women’s clothes are made for layering and the high low skirt is no exception. A cropped and fitted jacket is the perfect topper for a high low skirt. Depending on the appearance of the jacket, this look is suitable for every occasion from casual to dressy. A jean jacket will enhance the casual nature of the look, while a blazer will bring an element of preppy to your look.

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With a casual tee
Adding a casual tee to your skirt is the most casual way to wear a high low skirt. Any tee will work, from an old graphic tee to an embellished tee. Pair the outfit with casual-style shoes for a fun look that is a fashionable alternative to the traditional jeans and tee look.

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All of these looks should help you discover new ways to wear your high low skirt. Just like any other trend, it really is about how you wear it that makes it a success or a disaster.

This is a guest post By Liz Conaty. Obsessed with all things vintage retro, Liz is always working to pair the best items together in a unique and eye catching way.