Top Pick: Michael Kors Men's Oversized Watch

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Michael Kors Men's Oversized Watch
I really like the look of a simple unisex steel watch worn bracelet-style, a little loose on the wrist. I'm just a sucker for the "borrowed from the guys" look when it comes to watches. Ladies timepieces look entirely to dainty and precious for my personal style, and an oversized watch really becomes a true accessory rather than merely a functional item.

Now, the trick to pulling off this look is finding a watch that is equal parts stylish, affordable, and simple. Too many affordable watches seem to be making up for their low price with baubles and bling. Ugh. No thanks. I don't need a wraparound strap a gold chain to go with my watch.

And too many truly simple, gorgeous watches (Cartier, I'm looking at you) are ridiculously expensive. I'm way too clumsy to be wearing something that is pricey, breakable, and attached to one of my flailing arms. But, like Goldilocks stumbling into baby bear's bed, I've found a watch that's just right.

The Michael Kors Men's Oversized Watch is a unisex chronograph watch in simple stainless steel. No crazy colors. No crystals. Just a fabulous looking watch in a size that will add some heft to floaty dresses and pair perfectly with fall's rugged leather and chunky knits. This is a watch that can go anywhere, from the office to a cocktail party, and will match anything. I think it's pretty much perfect, right down to the appropriate price tag and 2-year warranty (yes, I really am that clumsy). What do you think?

→ Buy the Michael Kors Men's Oversized Watch, $250.00, at; shipping and returns are free.