5 Ways to Transform Your Skin Naturally

Monday, October 29, 2012

--Guest Post By Jonny Webber

Getting amazing skin is not locked up in a jar that can only be released with hundreds of pounds; no, in fact, natural methods are the best way to reveal beautiful skin. When these methods are employed, hundreds of pounds in repairing years of skin abuse can be avoided. No special acne cures are necessary when you do the five natural remedies listed below.

Spring Skin Savers - Woman Getting Face Mask

Consider what you put into your body because what goes in will come out your pores. The body is ever-ridding of toxins that the body takes in through food amongst other means. Chances are that most people have an abundant amount of toxins in their bodies that their bodies are desperately trying to rid of.

Eating a diet of processed and chemical-laden food without proper expulsion steadily increases these toxins. The body has no choice but to try and rid of these through the skin, which is the largest organ of the body. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, whole grains and lean protein. Do not eat processed food to avoid placing harmful chemicals into your body.

Not only does hydrating the skin prevent acne by flushing out toxins from the body, but it plumps up the skin causing it to glow, appear fuller and firmer, pores are less visible and fine lines are diminished. Try drinking just 8 cups of water for a few days and you will notice the difference. Washing toxins out from the body is the best way to avoid toxins from coming out of your pores other than not consuming them in the first place.

Stress literally kills; it strains the body, depletes the immune system and ages the body rapidly. Stress can be evident in a person's posture, but it can also be evident in a person's facial skin. Stress increases the amount of oil produced and causes the skin to become dry and flaky. These factors cause acne.

Taking steps to relieve stress through exercise, massage and yoga, amongst other methods of relaxation, will help to clear up acne symptoms and will help in preventing acne from occurring. Also, sweating from a result of exercise helps to clear out pores by pushing out waste. This also clears up the skin.

Sleep is one luxury that few can afford. However, with placing priorities in order, the maximal amount of sleep needed can be achieved. When the body sleeps, that is the time that it repairs itself. Without sleep, the body goes without repair, increases in stress and creates an imbalance in how the body reacts to toxins, insulin and fat burning. Do not skimp on sleep and get quality sleep at that.

It is essential to exfoliate the skin; however, since the other steps mentioned above greatly aide in hydrating the skin, gentle exfoliation is all that is needed. Skin cells that are not exfoliated end up blocking pores. By exfoliating the skin, acne symptoms can be avoided. In addition, using tea tree oil and moisturizer keeps the skin supple and moist avoiding the skin's production of oil and skin clogging the pores.

Taking precautions to stay acne free is worth its weight in gold. Natural acne cures are the best way to prevent future acne and to treat existing problems. Try these out and your skin will thank you.

Jonny Webber lives in Manchester, England where he works as a freelance writer creating content about health, eco living, and cosmetic surgery. For more information on skin care visit www.harleystreet.org.uk Follow him on twitter by clicking @Jonnywriter.