The Best Skinny Jeans Ever (and They're Under $40)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I know, "best ever" is a lofty pronouncement. But, I've tried a lot of skinny jeans over the years and these really are the best skinny jeans ever. Seriously. Please meet the new Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans:

Here's my story. I've been stocking up on my Uniqlo loves during my regular visits to NYC for a few years now. But, we've been blessed with the first west coast Uniqlo in San Francisco this year. In the weeks leading up to the store's opening, a pop-up shop stocked with a mere handful of key Uniqlo items opened. The new Ultra Stretch, in basic blue wash only, was one of the items. I bought a pair and instantly fell in love. When the online store opened last week, I immediately bought this jean in every available color. No joke. My favorite shade is the just-worn-enough Dark Grey.

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jean

This jean is crazy stretchy, almost like a jegging, but with the cut and detail of standard jeans. It hugs your curves, fits true to size, and doesn't sag anywhere. But, the best part is that it is stretchy enough to accommodate the figure flaws that normal skinny jeans just don't forgive.

In my case, that means my super oversized calves, courtesy of spending my developmental years as a cheerleader. Attempting to wear J Brand's iconic skinnies is a joke. They literally won't go over my calves. These Uniqlo jeans are like a gift from the fashion gods.

Now for the best part: these jeans will set you back a mere $39.50. I would recommend these stretchy wonders at any price, but at under $40, I'm seriously in love.

→ Buy the Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jean, $39.50, at