Top Pick: Cynthia Desser Stingray Reversible Wide Cuff

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Cynthia Desser Stingray Reversible Wide Cuff
A smart cuff, made from quality material, in a not-too-trendy design is generally a good fashion investment. You'll have it forever, likely won't get sick of wearing it, and it will go with many things in your closet. This new bracelet find is exactly that, times two.

The Cynthia Desser Stingray Reversible Cuff combines glossy black stingray leather with a fine brass mesh edging, closed with a magnetic clasp. Unclasp and reverse to reveal an equally chic brass mesh cuff. The stingray side has a more refined look that could be worn with a range of looks, from dressy to casual. The brass mesh side feels a little more laid-back to me -- like it would go well with jeans and a tee, or a casual blazer/ shirt combo.

The whole leather/ metal cuff look is a very common design lately, but this is the first time I've seen stingray used and the first time I've seen a reversible cuff that doesn't vibe grade school. The look is a hallmark of this particular designer, who has become known for her use of exotic skins paired with oxidized metals. These two unique features -- the stingray and the cool take on reversible -- make this particular bracelet very appealing as a fall fashion purchase. Not loving the idea of adding one more black bracelet to your collection? It's also available in a stand out bright pink stingray version.

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