How to Save Money on High-End Cosmetics

Monday, November 12, 2012

--Guest Post By Sarah Paulsen

We all want to look our best, and high-end cosmetics, although expensive, contain the best ingredients for your skin. However, the price tag could send anyone into a tizzy, so how do you buy the best quality makeup without going bankrupt? This article contains helpful tips on where and when to buy it, so you can fill your cosmetics bag with nothing but the best of the best for cheap money.

1. Buy the Palette
Buying high-end cosmetics individually is costly. Purchasing the palette is cheaper and even offers you more in terms of variety. The palette contains more than one product so when you buy it you will actually be paying less to get more than just one product. Here are some advantages you will benefit from when you opt to purchase palettes.

Palettes are available all throughout the year, but especially so in the fall as the companies prepare for the Christmas season.

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Most palette sets come with full-sized products and many times with an added bonus of limited edition shades.

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You may possibly find sets of "minis" that contain several products for you to try out before purchasing the full-sized version. This is a great way of getting and trying out the product without shelling out a lot of money to pay for the full-sized.

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2. Purchase the Trial Size Products
Purchasing the trial size saves you money although you will not get the fancy style packaging. These include little tubes of cream that save you money and you can purchase several tubes instead of just the one.

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3. Do Some Research Before Buying the Product
Spending five minutes to Google a product and find out what others have to say about it is a great way to save yourself from making a purchase. Spend some time to read reviews and view the ratings the product enjoys on cosmetic related sites. Pay attention to the supplier's return policy.

4. Purchase the Preview/ Sample Items from Sites Such as eBay
Cosmetics that were sent to magazines or bloggers to be reviewed can be found on eBay. These samples are usually only photographed and therefore still brand new. You may have difficulty differentiating the review item from the real thing as the review comes in the same packaging as those for sale. To determine if the item is a review item, check the bottom of the item for a sticker that designates it as such.

5. Take Advantage of Products on Sales
Everyone enjoys a good sale as it means some very special products at very affordable to rock bottom prices. Not only do we pick up great items at half price during a sale, but we can also come away with some limited edition items that you never thought you would get your hands on. The drawback is that you may have to wait several months before the next cosmetic sale takes place. You may also miss out on other items while waiting for the sale to come around.

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Sarah Paulsen contributed this guest post for Sarah is a freelance writer with extensive experience in the fashion industry. Her articles appear on various online fashion publications.