The Peplum Dress: The Latest Style to Wear

Thursday, November 29, 2012

--Guest Post By Jason Phillips

Stars love the peplum trend! It is flattering and a versatile dress to be worn everywhere from on the red carpet to everyday street style. As fashion lovers, you should know that this certainly not the first time the peplum dress has enjoyed a place in fashion's pantheon. The peplum trend originated in ancient Greece and is mainly associated with the trends of '40s and '80s.

In the '40s the peplum was worn by women as coats and dresses to bring attention to their tiny waists and hourglass figures. Later, in the '80s, the peplum dress trend reemerged with exaggerated turns of fabric at the hips and torso for a dramatic appearance. This season the peplums also enjoy being the latest style statement with a ladylike look. They are available in many styles ensuring you'll flaunt your figure without being heavy on the pocket. Overall, a peplum cocktail dress is the ideal way to add a little zing to your routine fancy fare!

Examples of Peplums

In case you are still confused what exactly is the peplum dress, it has an extra material sewn on tops or pant or skirts, providing the illusion of curvy hips or waist. It accentuates the waistline with the additional lapel layer on the waist. Thanks to designer labels like Louis Vuitton and Balmain, the sophisticated silhouette is back in style and is the latest trend. Not only is it becoming the latest fashion style, but it is the most desirable red carpet dress. Celebrities like Diane Kruger and Rihanna have donned these dresses for some of their most important events.

The peplum dress has been one of the hottest styles for summer 2012 and is moving on to become the most popular trend in the fall season as well. The peplum shape is infectious, and is catching on because of its versatility and capability to compliment many shapes and sizes. During this fall season there are a large number of styles and cuts available, so that you can chose from the peplum trend, customize and personalize it, and stand out from the crowd even as you work the most fashionable contemporary style.

Though this style is seen on celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton, the details on the peplum dress vary and are fresh and novel. The comely cut suggests an exclusive quality, in a position to add curves to a boy like figure, and at the same time can praise a rather curvier figure to astounding effect. It can also be used to cover a baby bump!

Celebrities wearing peplums

Adding a small peplum overskirt adds extra detail to dresses, tops, and skirts, which otherwise would become boring and plain. This little detail adds an immediate spark to any wardrobe and you are one step ahead. The style statement peplum dress is open to alterations and accessorizing. Though this dress does not require many add-ons, a belt above the peplum skirt accentuates the waist further and promotes your figure.

Oasis Belted Peplum Dress

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Peep toes are the right footwear with this outfit. Even leather stilettos make for a great look when paired with a flattering peplum dress ensemble.

When it comes to the colors of the peplum dress that are in vogue, be ready for the rainbow colors. Peplums this season are not limited to the traditional black. This latest style to wear is coming in vivid hues. The scarlet collection at Acne’s Baroque DF Dress or Oasis’ Belted Peplum dress is the hot favourite.

Oasis Satin Peplum Bandeau Dress

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Make an expressive style statement in this gorgeous peplum dress. With its flattering shades and on-trend shape the peplum dress hits pure perfection. Not many adornments are required. Just add heels and a complementing bag for a stunning ensemble.

How To Style a Peplum Dress

The outfit should be streamlined as peplums add a certain amount fullness to the waist. A fitted top and peplum skirt also make a great garb! In case you go for a peplum top, the skirt should be well fitted and not a voluminous one. To give you that hourglass figure, strong heels are the peplums’ best friend. With a few neck embellishments and striking sleeves the peplum look remains interesting for a couple of wears.

Here are a few ways to keep the peplum dress look even more stylish and too keep it the latest style to wear:

  • Try the sleeveless peplum; it is the ultimate day to dinner essential.
  • Office appropriate and timeless is the classy way to sport a peplum.
  • Let peplums be detailed with prints, lace or mesh.
  • Team peplum with trousers, skinny or even wide legged depending on your length of legs.
  • Avoid wearing ankle strap shoes. Let the peplum horizontal line breaking the natural long lines of the body be the emphasis. Do not create other distractions.

Peplum dresses in various shades, fabrics, patterns and mixed and matched with other pieces keeps it the latest style to wear.

The post is owned by Jason Phillips, a freelance blogger. He got recently married and he purchased a dress of Patterson Kincaid for his lovely wife as a first wedding gift.