Get Dramatic Winter Lips Without Lipstick!

Monday, December 03, 2012

--By Po Chhim

Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil
This season is bursting with darker, red-hued lips à la Taylor Swift. We really should thank her for beautifully sporting this previously fear-inducing color and inspiring the winter lip color this year. In my effort to wiggle out of my usual shell of neutrals, I stumbled upon the bright, yet small collection of lip pencils by new brand Bite Beauty. This effectively led to my new addiction: Bite Beauty lip pencils.

Bite Beauty lip pencils are thick and crayon-looking with a swirl-top bottom. Because of the thickness, I am able to apply it like a lipstick, quickly covering both lips, unlike the regular thin lip pencil. As someone on the go with little patience for having to lip-line (aka lazy), I completely appreciated the ease by which I was able to apply it. The consistency was smooth and mildly creamy but perfectly matte after a quick blot. My favorite part is the high pigmentation of the promised color. It is precisely as the color shown on the bottom of the pencil and requires but one application. Love that.

My go-to colors now are Zinfandel and Tart. Zinfandel (shown here) is beautiful shade of popping bright red with a very slight hint of orange. Normally, this description would have me running for the hills but truthfully, it had a great dramatic effect perfect for an exciting night out. I joke you not -- Zinfandel got me no less than 6 people complimenting me on my lip color on my date of purchase. And only two were Sephora employees. I wouldn't wear it during the daytime because it really is very, very dramatic, but at night, and especially with black, it's attention-getting but still proper. I felt like a new woman wearing it. Tart is more along the pinkish side, and paired well with whites during the day, although great for the evening, too. A pretty, yet still very strong color, I've made it my default fun day lip wear.

These days, I now rarely wear lipstick as this lip pencil does the trick without the necessity of an additional lipstick application, and is also lighter-weight. For this kind of effectiveness, I happily pay the $24 price tag.

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Po C.
Po Chhim is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Equal parts high-powered attorney and fashionable glamour girl, Po currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she practices law full-time.