The Best Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

--Guest Post By Gavin Johnson

You may be rocking a dress in the latest shade of cobalt, but would you automatically opt for the same colour on your eyelids? What if it didn’t suit your skintone? Ladies, stop making makeup errors and find out exactly which hues should be gracing your peepers!

Brilliant Brown Eyes
Whether your brown eyes are dark and bewitching, or honey-hued and dazzling, the perfect shadows for you include:

Black: A smoky eye looks smouldering on any eye colour, but it’ll look especially stunning with your eyes’ dark tones.

Brown: For the perfect daytime look, brown delivers some of the wow-factor of black but in a much more natural-looking way. Use a darker shade of brown in your socket, then a lighter cream colour blended up to your brow. Consider a natural palette such as Urban Decay’s Naked.

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

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Bronze: For a special occasion, bronze eyeshadow is the perfect piece of kit. It’ll warm your features beautifully, making this the perfect shade to enhance a tan.

Blues and greens: If you’re feeling bold, all shades of these sea-inspired colours will provide a flattering contrast to your brown beauties.

Gorgeous Green Eyes
As the least common eye colour, green peepers are certainly something to be celebrated, so find out how to make them look even more alluring:

Brown: This subtle, very wearable colour will provide a gorgeous contrast to your emerald green gaze; blend it all over the eyelid and into the socket for a strikingly smoky look.

Gold: Use the colour of precious metal to bring some elegance to your look with just a subtle hint, or slick on the shade for a high-pigment, high-fashion finish. Look out for Illamasqua’s Body Electrics liquid metal palette for intense colour you can use on face, eyes and body.

Illamasqua Body Electrics Liquid Metal Palette

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Fun shades will really flatter your face, but make sure you’ve got a flawless base – Pinks and purples: These you don’t want your eyeshadow emphasising any redness in your skin. Try Mac Studio Fix fluid foundation for a perfect base.

Beautiful Blue Eyes
From intriguing grey-blue to stunning azure, blue eyes are already an envy-inspiring feature to have, but with the right makeup they’ll have those jaws dropping.

Navy: it may come as a surprise that a dark shade of blue should go with blue eyes, but as long as the shades are different enough, it’ll look fantastic. As this article explains, as long as the undertones are different enough, it’ll work.

Silver: This metallic shade will really make blue eyes pop. You can adjust your application to suit the occasion, but rest assured that the colour’s making the most of your natural assets and wear with confidence. Go for MAC’s eyeshadow in Forgery, which has a lustrous finish and strong colour – perfect!

MAC Eyeshadow in Forgery

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All the products suggested are available from Debenhams. Step out of your makeup comfort zone and open your eyes to your perfect colour palette – just in time for the party season!

Gavin Johnson is a freelance fashion writer and blogger. He is currently writing on behalf of Debenhams.