Winter Trend Watch: Leggings

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

--Guest Post By Simon

Stop right there! Just because it is winter does not mean that you need to let go of all your favorite warm weather clothing. The addition of leggings can keep you warm and toasty throughout the coldest months of the year. They are very versatile and are available in many styles, colors and prints. Read on to find out how to make this trend your own this winter.

The decision is unanimous leggings are not really pants!
Leggings are one of those trends that can go horribly wrong when not worn properly. Do not pair leggings with a short top or a tight one; some are made of light fabrics that will give away all your secrets. For winter especially it is important that you choose a more dense and heavy fabric legging to keep you warm. It also helps to hide lumps, bumps and dimples.

Some leggings available are specifically for the cold winter months and are constructed from heavier knits. Denim leggings, called jeggings, are also very winter appropriate. Jeggings are perfect for getting that “jean” look but all the comfort of leggings.

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Decrease the need for a completely new wardrobe in the winter.
Going on a spending spree and buying a ton of new winter friendly garments is not in the budget for most people. Leggings are the answer to all you winter style woes. Prolong the amount of time you get to wear that cute mini dress.

The best part of all is that leggings are available to fit any price range. Therefore, in addition to looking hot you can keep your dollar bills where they belong. If you do feel the need to buy a few new items, pick up some high boots, as they are the perfect complement to most outfits worn with leggings.

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Layer upon layer of warmth.
Leggings that are made of thinner material can be worn underneath lighter garments as an insulator. We all have that pair of pants that we love but the material is too light for the colder months, problem solved. Leggings are great under winter outerwear too like snow pants. Now you have no excuses not to go sledding, you know you want to.

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Tights are so readily available there is no excuse not to wear them as the right outfit can flatter anybody. Some party ready tights with sequins and sparkle can be paired with your favorite top for a night out. Dresses up or dress down, leggings are ready to be your new best friend.

To recap the basics, choose heavier materials, wear a longer top or sweater and double check that none of your woman parts are visible through them--especially when you bend over, that will avoid any embarrassing situations that could arise. As far as footwear is concerned, leggings can be worn with everything from a sexy pair of pumps, cute flats, or your winter boots. There is no excuse to be cold or frumpy, get some leggings!

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