Preview: The Top Fashion Colors for Summer 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

--Guest Post By Tom Stops

It's winter blues all around! Nature seems to have taken its chilly cold breath and covered the landscape with thick layers of snow. But the chills are soon to wave a permanent goodbye for the year and we’ll welcome back the sunny summers. How have you planned how you will embrace the warm and rejuvenating summer this year? Are you clueless? Don’t be. Work on creating a smart wardrobe color palette this summer and set the stage on fire! Let us take a look at what experts have to say on this.

Anne Roselt, the internationally famous color expert and color manager at Plascon, suggests that blends will rock the show this summer. Blends in bright tones will predominate with practically no room for pales!

Bringing back the zeal and zest of the ‘60s will be the right thing to do this summer. So, play with daffodil yellow and eye-catching fuchsia and use them in harmony with nude shades and conventional neutrals like white, ecru, or ivory. Be mindful that you need to use the brighter tones more and the paler ones less to achieve that ‘oomph’ effect! However, if you are in a party mood when summer falls, get that hot and spicy look with orange! It will be a hit this summer regardless of your age or gender.

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Now if you go by what the Pantone forecasts are for summer 2013, then the theme for this spring and summer is “Sense of Balance.” It’s interesting to note the colors that will reign in Pantone’s summer palette: eye soothing neutrals with a twist! Pantone neutrals this summer are tender green shoots, linen, dusk blue, and grayed jade. As for the brighter tones, Pantone forecasts poppy red, Monaco blue, lemon zest, emerald, and nectarine.

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Pantone has pinpointed Dragon Hide, a cheerful green, as the summer color for 2013. But designers suggest that instead of using it as the main shade for your outfit, try restricting it to accessories and trimmings. Your catch line from the world of Pantone: green will reign, and neutrals will get a makeover Summer 2013 in the form of varying shades of blue and green.

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So, stock up your wardrobe with some bright shades as, for most of the designers, pales are not the flavor of the season. And, if you are a party animal, do make sure that you have shades of orange!

I am Tom Stops, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often research about various products and services. I write related blog posts to sell my clothes.