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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

--Guest Post By Chennill Proskourine

My relationship with JEANS is definitely Love/ Hate. I would LOVE to wear them, they HATE me back.

I remember hating jeans as a kid. Thank heavens styles have changed since then! I have spent the last two years looking for the perfect pair of jeans. I got lucky and I found multiple pairs!! Go figure, who would have thought I’d hit paydirt like this??

Last year, I got the fashion bug and I wanted to live out my fashion dreams. Fashion dreams and jeans do not seem like they should be in the same sentence, but I assure you they should be! Last Spring there was the chambray trend, which I embraced...I knew I would need some awesome jeans to go along with that cute shirt, so I took a few chances. While hunting on the internet I found Eloquii!

For those of you that do not know, Eloquii is the plus size division of The Limited. I took a chance on blind ordering over the internet, but they are amazing. I cannot say enough about these jeans! They can be dressed up (or down). I am a mom of three, so the dressing down aspect really appeals to me.

They have two “types” if you will: Classic and Curvy. I am on the curvy side, and the curvy fit worked so well for me that I purchased three pairs. They wear well, are truly comfortable, and are easy to care for (remember ladies, no putting jeans in the dryer after you find the perfect fit!). Did I mention they come in all kinds of fun colors and designs???

Eloquii Refined Trouser Jeans

→ Buy the Eloquii Refined Trouser Jeans, $89.90, at

Eloquii Studio High Waist Culotte Jeans

→ Buy the Eloquii Studio High Waist Culotte Jeans, $79.90, at

For a more athletic look and fit, Lucky Brand Jeans is the way to go. I find them to be cut really well and pretty durable. They allow for ease of movement and are pretty true to size.

Lucky Brand Ginger Straight Leg Plus Size Jeans

→ Buy the Lucky Brand Ginger Straight Leg Plus Size Jeans, $99.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

If you are looking high end designer jeans, James Jeans is definitely the WAY to go. They fit well, are trendy and stylish and really well-made. I have been able to wear them everywhere, dressing them up with pretty sweaters or dressing down with heather sweatshirts. I always feel glamorous in them.

James Jeans Plus Twiggy Z Cigarette Jeans in Burlesque

→ Buy the James Jeans Plus Twiggy Z Cigarette Jeans in Burlesque, $180.00, at

James Jeans Plus Neo Beau Z Classic Boyfriend Jeans in Destroyed Black

→ Buy the James Jeans Plus Neo Beau Z Classic Boyfriend Jeans in Destroyed Black, $185.00, at

More Plus Size Jeans Options:

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on February 12, 2013; it was last updated on September 22, 2015, to ensure that all product links and prices were up to date.

Chennill Proskourine
Chennill Proskourine is the co-editor of the plus size high fashion blog, Pramache and a mother of three. She has a B.A. in Economics from Simmons College in Boston. She regularly splits her time between New York City and New Jersey.