The Best Printed Jeans for All Budgets

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

--Guest Post By Victoria Browne

Who could honestly say they don’t love the humble jean? As perhaps the only item of clothing in existence that it’s acceptable to walk the dog in and dress up with heels for a night out, those denim saviours are a fashion piece I can confidently say I couldn’t live without.

If in doubt, my trusty jeans are always my go to item. If I’m rushing in the morning, my jeans come out, if I’m off on a long journey, my cotton-blend comfy jeans are up, if I’m trying ‘just got up glamour’, it’s the high waisted pair to the rescue. I’m sure I’ve painted a denim hued picture for you here, I just love jeans.

Universally worn by men, women, tomboys and girly girls, a good pair of the old booty huggers have the power to unite us all in their wondrous varieties. But as much as I owe my gratitude to the purveyors of black, indigo and faded denim, us girls like to break the mould from time to time and swathe ourselves in a outfit fitting of our individuality. (Or swathe ourselves in something that makes our bums look great)

While you may be getting slightly fed up of the dominance of the skinny jeans (I know in the UK, wearing boot cut right now is the equivalent of ditching your iPod for a gramophone) printed ‘drain pipe’ styles are huge this season and are a great way to instantly update your spring closet without wiping your bank balance.

If you’re all for bold and beautiful I’ve sourced some great pairs of kaleidoscope worthy jeans for you wiggle into, if you’re looking to keep this trend a little more subtle, I’ve uncovered some great finds too!


Pricey but pretty, these Citizens of Humanity floral jeans will set you back an eye watering $423.88. Ouch. But if subtle floral prints are a must have spring piece for you, you can guarantee these jeans won’t be on every fashion-savvy Sarah within a 100 mile radius of your home. I guess exclusively comes with a price...

Citizens Of Humanity Rose Print Avedon Skinny Jeans

→ Buy the Citizens Of Humanity Rose Print Avedon Skinny Jeans, $423.88, at; shipping and returns are free.

Animal print

Animal print jeans are another great choice for women looking to inject a little fresh variety into their look without going over the top. I couldn’t fail to include these grey leopard print skinnies as they’re perfect for girls on a budget. At only £15.99 ($24.00) you can afford to splash out on other spring styles without too much shopping spree guilt! Pastel leather bag anyone?

Love Sasha Grey Animal Print Jeans

→ Buy the Love Sasha Grey Animal Print Jeans, £15.99, at


You guys are all into Topshop right? Well Topshop has been around in the UK for decades now and was actually once considered, dare I say it, uncool. Shocking I know, but that’s what fashion conscious older ladies tell me anyway.

Now, of course, it’s the height of current affordable fashion (although I’d be lying if I said the prices hadn’t creeped up in recent years) and I’ve had clothes from Topshop that I’ve never seen another girl wearing. Ever. If exclusivity is your thing, many of the Topshop pieces are pretty unique considering it’s a huge online and high-street store.

I love how these jeans have a really funky print but don’t stand out too much. Kudos, Topshop. At $84.00 they won’t break the bank either.

Topshop Moto Eye Print Skinny Jeans

→ Buy the Topshop Moto Eye Print Skinny Jeans, $84.00, at; this item ships free.

Now I think Forever 21 is a store you shared with us? Well thank you USA we like it! These red star print jeans aren’t the easiest piece to accessorize as they’re pretty show stopping in themselves, but a black or white slubby style vest would look great for a chilled night out. Only $22.80, don’t mind if we do...

Forever 21 Star Print Skinny Jeans

→ Buy the Forever 21 Star Print Skinny Jeans, $22.80, at

Victoria Browne is writing on behalf of Love Sasha, an online fashion outlet specialising in celebrity style and budget fashion. She writes regularly for a range of industries such as fashion, vintage wear and entertainment.