8 Must-Haves for the Best Bathing Experience

Monday, April 01, 2013

--Guest Post By Melissa Page

There’s nothing like coming home to a nice warm bath after a long day’s work. Studies show that warm baths promote relaxation, aid sleep, rejuvenate the skin, enhance circulation and stimulate the release of the body’s “feel good” chemicals, endorphins.

Now imagine yourself slowly immersing into a tub of water... with the right temperature to soothe sore muscles... While some may see this as the perfect scenario, I have to say that it takes more than a tub of warm water for the best bathing experience.

For a rewarding soak, don’t forget to prepare these must-haves:

Eye Coolers
Soothe your eyes with eye coolers. Not only so they relieve tired eyes, they also reduce puffiness and get rid of dark circles around the eye area. Don’t deprive your eyes a lovely treat. After all, they have been worn out looking at the computer screen or reading all sorts of reports whole day.

Kingsley Reusable Eye Coolers

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Bath Pillow
Without this bathtime prop, leaning onto the tub puts stress on your back and neck. Enjoy your soak better by using a bath pillow for comfort and support. Some bath pillows even come with built-in massage settings, giving you the luxury of a massage and a warm bath at the same time!

Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

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Lighting is an important aspect of relaxation. The lower the light, the better. Instead of leaving the overhead lights on, turn them off and switch to candlelight. Candles softly illuminate the surroundings and calm your senses. One candle can suffice, but lighting many candles at once is not a bad idea too. Just make sure the candles are securely planted and away from towels or paper to steer clear from fires.

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Did you know that aromatherapy can alleviate symptoms of stress and digestive problems? Aromatherapy candles, oils, bath bombs and flower petals are some things you can add to your bath experience for a more relaxing and therapeutic soak. Common scents include vanilla, rose and lavender, and sometimes, a combination of these.

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Bathtime won’t be the same without bubbles, don’t you agree? Since we were little, our moms would allow us to play with bubbles during bathtime. There isn’t any reason why we can’t enjoy them as adults, too. For a bubbly experience, use bubble and melt bars, you’ll love it.

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Listening to music is like entering another dimension: a place where your mind gets to release accumulated stress. With music, you can get relaxed and energized. However, various kinds of music work differently for each person. Some choose classical and acoustic, while others enjoy reggae, ballad or pop. Whatever you choose to listen to, just make sure it calms you.

Sounds of Spa CD

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Pour yourself a glass of wine. Wine encourages vasodilation and boosts body circulation. Aside from helping the toxins leave the body, it also gives you a relaxing feeling. Don’t drink too much though, you might slip and fall once you stand up.

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Reading materials
Some people find reading a relaxing endeavor. Perhaps it takes them to a different world, where they are the heroes or heroines. If you decide to read, don’t entirely turn off the lights to refrain straining your eyes.

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Now that you know what bath and body items you need for a rewarding bathing experience, I wish you a fresh and rejuvenated feeling to face tomorrow’s challenges!

Based in San Diego, Melissa Page loves to blog about gift ideas for women. When she isn’t enjoying the perfect bath, she’s out playing bowling with her close friends.