Emerald and Absinthe: The It Colors of 2013

Monday, April 08, 2013

--Guest Post By Simon

It’s 2013 – year of the unlucky number. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t add luck to our lives!

The color green symbolizes luck, growth, rebirth, fertility... and it’s a confirmed trend for 2013. More specifically, emerald, and absinthe are all the craze right now.

It’s quite interesting, because emerald is often associated with success, glamour, and moderation while absinthe is seen as a funky and playful color. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the colors together!

Want proof? Just take a look at the following fab finds:

The seller on Esty.com calls this an “absinthe jewelry set”, but you can definitely see some emerald in the crystal beads.

Absinthe Jewelry Set

→ Buy the Absinthe Jewelry Set, $45.00, at etsy.com.

This is where funky meets glamour! This refreshingly chic pair of heels was spotted in the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 collection.

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012

While this tutorial requires the use of sold gold and emerald green eye shadows, you can definitely see a hint of absinthe in this fabulous end result, especially under the outside corner of the eye.

Emerald Eyes

This glorious one-of-a-kind headband boasts both emerald and absinthe. It’s a great way to glam up your hair while keeping it fun at the same time!

Emerald Green Satin Bohemian Headband

→ Buy the Emerald Green Satin Bohemian Headband, $TBD, at etsy.com.

If you prefer to pull off an elegant look, you can ditch the absinthe and go with emerald. If you’re looking to rock a funky look, go all out on absinthe! Here are a few outfits to inspire you into embracing emerald and absinthe as the “it” colors of 2013.

Gorgeously Elegant Emerald Outfits

It goes without saying that emerald and gold go together like peanut butter and jelly. This outfit is the perfect example of the perfect harmony between both colors. Even though the gold jewelry would look gaudy on their own, the emerald blazer and its gold buttons tones it down and complements the necklace and the bracelets perfectly.

Emerald Blazer Outfit with Gold Accessories

Kate Middleton channels the late Princess Di with this simple yet elegant green frock. This Mulberry dress is priced at a whooping £1,400! If you have that kind of cash to throw around, you can snag your own dress at Mulberry.com. If you’re on a budget, you can find a similar-looking dress for $169.99 at Fine N Funky.

Kate Middleton wearing Mulberry

This outfit (image source) has the perfect splash of emerald (paired with a fabulous leopard-print handbag). The bib necklace looks pricey, but it’s really not. Nordstrom carries it for only $28 a pop. The satin skirt, on the other hand, costs a pretty penny. It’s available for $235 at MatchesFashion.com.

Emerald Skirt Outfit

Amazingly Chic Absinthe Outfits

Channel your inner absinthe fairy with this lovely green/turquoise ensemble! The flirty dress can be found via Polyvore.com. It may be difficult to see it in this picture, but the zip-around wallet boasts a hint of absinthe. The adorable beaded bracelet sells for only $12 a pop! The only thing missing from this outfit is a pair of turquoise-tinted aviator sunglasses.

Absinthe Dress Outfit

Calvin Klein put together this fun outfit from their spring 2013 collection. The ballet flats can be found at London Sole.

Calvin Klein Spring 2013

It’s a green day! Deck out in absinthe green with this adorable outfit (image source). Who says you can’t wear green panties, too?

Absinthe green fashion


What better way to boast emerald jewelry than to, well, wear real emeralds? You can find plenty of jewelry adorned with emeralds pretty much anywhere.

Emerald Jewelry

Add some spunk to your look with some absinthe-colored jewelry! Check out those cute earrings over at Silver Handmade Jewelry.

Absinthe Jewelry

Hair Accessories

Putting some emerald in your hair guarantees instant elegance. Snatch up this headband at Nordstrom for only $32!

Cara Wrapped Up Jewels Headband

→ Buy the Cara Wrapped Up Jewels Headband, $32.00, at nordstrom.com; shipping and returns are free.

Absinthe is a bright green hue, so it will brighten up your hair. Those stunning absinthe glow hair clips are only $12, and they can be found at ShanaLogic.com.

Absinthe Glow Hair Clips

→ Buy the Absinthe Glow Hair Clips, $12.00, at shanalogic.com.

Nail Polish

If you’re wearing an emerald ring or bracelet, the perfect way to complement it is to paint your nails a gorgeous shade of emerald. Revlon has emerald nail polish for only $2.49 (at Ulta.com)!

Revlon Emerald City Nail Polish

→ Buy the Revlon Emerald City Nail Polish, $2.49, at ulta.com.

Well, whaddya know? There’s actually a nail polish color called absinthe, and it’s so fabulously chic we can’t help but swoon all over it. You can purchase a bottle of absinthe nail polish via an Avon representative.

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Polish in Absinthe

→ Buy the Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Polish in Absinthe, $6.00, at avon.com.

So, there, we’ve provided plenty of reasons for you to snatch up emerald and absinthe clothes and accessories! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Simon is a professional writer at Higherclick.com and this article is for their client Macy’s.com.