Why Leather Smoking Slippers Will Be Your Favorite New Shoe

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When the smoking slipper started to pick up steam as a women’s fashion staple I had a hard time taking it seriously. I couldn’t help but picture Hugh Hefner, the king of lounge dressing in broad daylight. The shoe felt too much like a costume for everyday wear. This had to be a passing fad… or not.

Now that it’s been on the scene for a while, the smoking slipper is starting to pop up in the collections of some of the more downtown labels. Consequently, the old fashioned slip-on has received a makeover that takes it from louche to lovable. Dowdy silk fabric has been replaced by distressed leather and hardware details, and the result is much more wearable.

Personally, I like how this shoe silhouette can add a masculine edge to girly girl looks, and make more conventional outfits vibe fashion-forward. Check out two of my favorite smoking slippers here:

This crackled black metallic leather version from Prada is funky and stylish, but not completely over the top. I’d pair this shoe with boyfriend jeans and a crisp button-down shirt. The otherwise mumsy outfit will get edge from the shoe, making the whole outfit feel contemporary. Or try trading out the button down for a slouchy tee for a casual look with an extra element of fun.

Prada Crackled Leather Smoking Slipper

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This matte leather slipper with grosgrain detail from Rag & Bone is the right shoe to tone down your spring and summer florals. Try this slipper with a prim floral dress and watch your look come alive. I also like the idea of this slipper with a pencil skirt – it’s one of the few flat shoes I think you could pair with a pencil skirt without looking unbalanced because it really holds its own as a fashion statement.

Rag and Bone Beeman Leather Loafer

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